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Chapter 2528: She Never Cared

Yan Zhiqing laughed casually.

“No, I dont have that confidence.

I knew that there will be many candidates, but I didnt think that you would eat at the same table as me.”

Lu Xiuses face changed.

Yan Zhiqing was basically saying that Yan Zhiqing and herself were not on good terms.

And would not eat together at the same table.

Yan Zhiqing did not care about all these.

Lu Xiuse had certain concerns and did not dare to fight openly, but Yan Zhiqing was not afraid.

She had never been afraid.

If she lost her resources, then so be it.

Yan Zhiqing had never cared about this.

CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang had clearly been bought by Lu Xiuse using an unknown technique; the two were clearly speaking for Lu Xiuse.

The people there had noticed the hostility between Yan Zhiqing and Lu Xiuse through the conversation.

However, nobody would actually ask them whether they were on bad terms.

This was very awkward.

But Yan Zhiqing did not care whether people asked.

It was as if she was possessed by a drama queen because she started talking on her own.

“Sister Xiuse and I are rivals.

We have always been competing against each other.

“Whether in auditions for movies, TV shows, or various fashion shows, I would always see Sister Xiuse,” Yan Zhiqing said with a smile.

She had just stated that she was not on good terms with Lu Xiuse.

But now, she started laughing harmoniously, as if she had a good relationship with Lu Xiuse and was joking with her.

Lu Xiuses face turned green.

The way Yan Zhiqing said it, it was as if she was implying that she purposely picked fights with Yan Zhiqing.

And that she was sabotaging Yan Zhiqing!

“I knew that Sister Lu Xiuse would also compete against me for this ambassadors position, so when I came in and saw Sister Xiuse, I was not surprised.

Instead, I admired her perfect timing for coming in during the time of my interview,” said Yan Zhiqing with a smiling face.

“After all, according to what CEO Luo said, if they really wanted to save time, they would have called all the candidates today.”

Yan Zhiqing smiled and said, “They wouldnt let Mr.

Edwood and Mr.

Chanders come all the way here to only meet two candidates, me and Sister Xiuse, would they”

Yan Zhiqing had dared to say that because she already knew the competitors name list.

Given what CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang had said, how could there be so few people today

Yan Zhiqing smiled at CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang.

The expressions of CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang looked terrible.

If it was someone else, they would have chased that person out.

That person would never even be able to dream of becoming their brands spokesperson.


If it was someone else, they would not dare to say such words!

But Yan Zhiqing had dared to do so.

Because she was supported by the Yan Family.

The expressions of CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang looked terrible.

Lu Xiuses expression also looked terrible.

Yan Zhiqing did not care about anything.

She dared to say anything and do anything!

Lu Xiuse smiled and poured herself some wine.

She then stood up and said to everyone, “It seems like Yan Zhiqing is not happy with me and does not like my presence here.”

She took a deep breath and said in discomfort, “I did not expect that I would be at the same place at Yan Zhiqing, nor did I expect her to view me with such hostility.

I always thought of her as my friend, yet she always saw me as her rival.”

Lu Xiuse smiled and said in a helpless tone, “All this while, I thought our relationship was pretty good.

Looks like it was just me.

“Now that I think about it, I am such a joke.

I have been telling others that I was your friend.”

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