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Wu Lize was so shocked that he was completely stunned for a moment, his hand was stuck frozen to the door.

So Lu Man peeled his hand off the door.

Before opening the door, she said to him, “Regarding this matter, I dont wish to broadcast it to everyone.

If we want to announce it publicly, we will do so ourselves.

I hope that someone who has nothing to do with this would not talk about this.”

That person was precisely Wu Lize.

“Dont worry, Im not such a blabbermouth,” Wu Lize sounded bitter, his voice hoarse.

Besides, this matter not only involved Lu Man.

If he spilled the secret, it would make Han Zhuoli unhappy and that wouldnt be beneficial to him either.

“However, Lu Man, although you treat me as a stranger, I treat you as my friend.

Have you ever thought that since you are already together with Han Zhuoli, why hasnt he publicly announced your relationship Are you someone to be ashamed of”

Lu Man was done with Wu Lize relentlessly discussing her private life and replied impatiently, “It was my decision not to announce it.

Since Im working here, it will be very inconvenient to let others know.

From the junior staff to upper management, they will all treat me differently and some might even want to exploit my relationship with Brother Han to get what they want.

I cant help him much, but I cant be a hindrance to him either, so I chose not to be public, but I did not purposefully hide it.

Like right now, after you asked me, didnt I proudly tell you about it He doesnt mind things like this.”

By the time Lu Man finished speaking, her expression had already turned solemn and cold.

Without waiting for Wu Lizes reaction, she left.

“Why…” Wu Lize mumbled to himself in the office.

So, from start to the end, he had lost to the same person, Han Zhuoli.

Now that he remembered, every time when something important happened, as long as Lu Man was there, Han Zhuoli would be there too.

For the Nan Yin Charity Night, they had never left together with Han Zhuoli.

Yet this year they had unexpectedly set off from the company together.

Turns out that it was in fact because of Lu Man.

Zheng Tianming had even intentionally distracted him away, letting Han Zhuoli and Lu Man get in the same car.

Also, the time when Lu Man worked overtime, he had originally wanted to accompany Lu Man but was strangely called away for some weird reason by Zheng Tianming.

After he left, did Han Zhuoli come too

It turned out that traces of their relationship had always been left behind.

The two of them have been together since a long time ago.

Yet, like a fool, he had secretly crushed on Lu Man and knew nothing.


At night, after work, Lu Man did not eat out with Han Zhuoli and both went home together instead.

When they entered, Xia Qingwei was in the kitchen preparing dinner.

Wearing an apron, she lifted her spatula, “Yall are home! Im just about to finish cooking, wait for a minute.”

“Mom, let me help,” Lu Man quickly changed her shoes and entered the kitchen, rolling her sleeves up.

“Theres no need to, youve been busy for the whole day already.

Go and take a seat with Xiao Han, stop trying to mess me up.” Xia Qingwei chased Lu Man and Han Zhuoli out to the living room and returned to the kitchen after that.

After ten minutes, she placed the dishes for dinner on the table.

“Mom, youve heard of Director Sun Yiwu, right Lu Man scooped a bowl for Han Zhuoli as she asked Xia Qingwei.

“Of course I have.” Xia Qingwei drank the bowl of soup Lu Man had served her just now.

“I dont know many directors, but I do know Sun Yiwu, hes such a famous director.”

Lu Man smiled as she explained, “Today, he came to our office to scout for an actress.

The third female lead in the film that he is currently filming got injured and is hospitalized, so she cant continue filming.

He could only change the actor on short notice.

It just so happened that I got chosen.”

“Ah” Xia Qingwei blinked in confusion.

“Youre going to act No, I remember that Sun Yiwu was always filming action films, right! Thats so dangerous! The third female lead was already injured and hospitalized, it must be difficult to film it right!”


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