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Chapter 2544: Did She Care About His Meal Money

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So, Lu Xiuse wanted to see whether Yan Beicheng would really stand up for Yan Zhiqing.

She had attended all kinds of big and small dinners usually, just so that she could interact with potential “gold sponsors.”

Lu Xiuse really knew quite a lot of big bosses now.

Anyway, up until now, the people whom she had met all put their interests above all else.

They would certainly not choose to do some crazy things even if it meant that they stood to lose some of their own interests.

So, Lu Xiuse wanted to see if Yan Zhiqing could really tough it out all the way.

If Yan Beicheng did not want to risk losing the interests of the Yan Family just to stand up for Yan Zhiqing, then there was nothing much for her to fear.

After he heard Yan Zhiqings words, Yan Beichengs face instantly fell.

“Nice to meet you all,” Yan Beicheng said in a sullen voice.

“I hope your business gets better and better from here.”

But given how stern Yan Beicheng looked and how serious and fierce his expression was, he clearly was not wishing them well and sounded more like he was mocking them.

What was he mocking them for

Lu Xiuse hid in the room and laughed scornfully to herself.

It showed that Yan Beicheng was just standing up for Yan Zhiqing verbally and would not really take any concrete action.

Businessmen prioritized interests.

Yan Beicheng would not be so foolish as to risk compromising the Yan Familys interests just for Yan Zhiqings sake.

She thought that she understood Yan Beichengs stance, so Lu Xiuse did not feel scared anymore.

“Lets go,” Yan Beicheng said.

Before he turned around, he glanced at the room.

Lu Xiuse shivered all of a sudden.

That look of Yan Beichengs felt as if he had seen her.

But she clearly hid herself well.

Given where Yan Beicheng was standing, he would not have been able to see her at all.

Yan Beicheng just glanced over once before retracting his gaze.

How could his attention possibly linger on a minor character like Lu Xiuse for long

She really thought that just because she hid well, she would be able to get away scot-free.

When Luo Qingxian heard what Yan Zhiqing had said to Yan Beicheng and knew why CEO Luo looked so pathetic right now, her expression instantly soured.

She looked at CEO Luo and could not help feeling disdain for him.

She knew that these people would definitely not be very clean outside, but to be so licentious to this extent, it was really too embarrassing.

She saw that Wei Wucai was actually about to leave without even looking at her, so Luo Qingxian did not even think before she called him to stop him, “Mr.


Wei Wucai turned around and actually looked really confused.


That face literally had the words “Why did you call me” written on it.

Luo Qingxian was really infuriated.

He and Yan Zhiqing were behaving so ambiguously.

Shouldnt he be the one explaining things to her first

He actually wanted to just leave

Luo Qingxian laughed scornfully in anger.

Wei Wucai actually had the gall to ask her

Seeing Luo Qingxians expression, Wei Wucai understood and said, “Dont worry, I will settle the bill for the meal.”

Luo Qingxian: “…”

Did she care about his meal money!

How much was a meal worth Did she need to hold him back just for this pittance

So, Wei Wucai felt that he did not need to explain anything to her and did not even need to apologize when he pretended as if nothing was wrong and came out on a blind date even while he was having such an ambiguous relationship with Yan Zhiqing!

The corners of Yan Zhiqings lips twitched.

Of course she knew why Luo Qingxian stopped Wei Wucai from leaving.

She had caught on to Luo Qingxians words and purposely pretended to have an ambiguous relationship with Wei Wucai just then.

She wanted to act in front of Luo Qingxian and disgust her.

She really thought she was so great and wonderful, looking down on this and that.

They were all from the eight great families, and Wei Wucais character was not bad.

Yan Zhiqing naturally could not watch Wei Wucai being belittled by Luo Qingxian just like that.

She even felt puzzled.

Wasnt Wei Wucai quite capable with words usually

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