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Chapter 2545: Let Me Go Right Now

How come he did not even retort when Luo Qingxian looked down on him so much

Yan Zhiqings expression was stunned for a moment.

Could it be that Wei Wucai really liked Luo Qingxian

Then did she actually do more harm than good

If not, given Wei Wucais temper, why would he not say anything

She really did not expect it.

Wei Wucais taste was actually so bad

Yan Zhiqing was afraid that she had done more harm than good, so she tried to explain, “Miss Luo, actually—”

“Lets go!” Wei Wucai pulled Yan Zhiqing away, cutting off Yan Zhiqings words.

Yan Zhiqing was speaking halfway when she got dragged away by Wei Wucai, so she did not manage to finish what she wanted to say.

Yan Beicheng turned back and saw Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing holding hands.

“Let go of her hand right now! What are you doing!” Yan Beicheng scolded, pointing at their hands that were held together.

Yan Zhiqing had been hurriedly pulled away by Wei Wucai and did not realize that the two of them were actually holding hands.

The moment Yan Beicheng said that, Yan Zhiqing looked down.

She was actually holding hands so tightly with Wei Wucai!

Wei Wucais hand was very big.

It was mainly because his fingers were long that they almost covered her whole hand.

Yan Zhiqings face instantly heated up.

She quickly let go of Wei Wucais hand.

When they reached the entrance of the hotel, Wei Wucai said, “Wait a moment.”

Yan Beicheng and Yan Zhiqing stopped and saw Wei Wucai going to the front desk to report the room number and pay the bill.

When he came back, he explained, “Lest Miss Luo thinks that I will even try to avoid footing the bill for a meal.”

Yan Zhiqing: “…”

Fine, she had misunderstood just then.

Wei Wucai was not playing dumb; he was really an insensitive dude.

After coming out of the hotel, they walked all the way out of Sheng Yue.

Along the way, Yan Beicheng said to the General Manager, “You go and deal with those people.

Blacklist those who deserve to be blacklisted.”

“Yes,” the General Manager answered and went to handle the matter.

Because of that unhappy scene, after CEO Luo and the others returned to their rooms, the atmosphere remained unusually awkward for quite some time.

No one spoke a word first for quite a while.

Even Lu Xiuse did not dare to climb onto Edwood and just sat in her seat properly.

In the end, it was CEO Luo who could not hold it in and said, “That Yan Zhiqing is way too much! How can she be like this!”

Even if she could not stand it, who did not just suppress and bear with it

For the sake of their own pride, they would not kick up such a huge fuss like she did and make everyone unhappy.

In this industry, connections were always interconnected in every small way.

If you offend one, you would naturally offend one whole bunch.

There were many circles within this industry, centered in each locale and forming their own sphere of influence.

Within this sphere of influence, there was another group of people banding together, sharing resources with each other and recommending each other.

At the same time, if you offend one, you could forget about getting the other resources.

Unless the other circles were willing to accept you and you could switch circles and connections where people were willing to introduce you to new resources…

The Yan Family was impressive, but they did not have a say over everything.

As long as they completely cut off this resource circle from Yan Zhiqing, even if Yan Zhiqing could find other resources, she would have already cut off one connection for herself and suffered major losses.


She would no longer have any part in this endorsement,” Deputy CEO Zhang chimed in.

“Not only that.” Edwood also made his stand clear as he said, “For all the brands under our corporation, I will go and put word to tell them not to work with Yan Zhiqing.”

For these brands, being the brand spokesperson was not the only form of collaboration possible.

There were all kinds of events, such as award ceremonies and red carpet events.

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