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Chapter 2560: Theres Some Problem

Since he mentioned Lu Man, some netizens then said, “LOLOL, how can you be sure that Lu Man didnt do this Think about Lu Mans working relationship with Eight Skin Entertainment.”

“HAHAHAHAHA, the method is way too familiar.

Eight Skin Entertainment was the one who exposed this incident at the start.

The way he exposed it is a method that Lu Man often uses.

Although its not novel, its very effective and often works.”

“You dont need to have a lot of tricks, you just need those that work.”

“Then theres the eight great families relations with Lu Man.

Although Wei Zilin himself is a PR master too, his field doesnt lie in the entertainment industry.

For things involving the entertainment industry, I think the first person the eight great families would think of would definitely be Lu Man.”


This time, the eight great families all took action together.

There were no outsiders.

Since they already had a PR master at home, why would they need to find someone else”

At first, these netizens were still just guessing.

Yet Eight Skin Entertainment came out and posted a shy emoticon and said, “You guys guessed it all.”

It was akin to admitting that this matter had indeed been handled by Lu Man!

“It really was Lu Man, no doubt.


“Although I already know of Lu Mans skill, every time she handles such incidents, I still think its very impressive.”

“Is there anything that Lu Man cant settle with her PR skills”

“I feel that this to her is like an easy game.”

“It does feel very easy.

From the time when the incident blew up until now, how long has it been only She came up with one move after another, that speed is way too fast.

She did not give the other party time to react at all and just blew them away.”

And when the PR team for Trubo learned that their opponent was Lu Man, they almost lost their will to fight.

“We are left with no way of fighting back at all by Lu Mans maneuvers.

We already did what we could now.

We really have no other options.

The only thing you all can do now is to keep a low profile and hope that this matter will blow over soon,” the PR team that Trubo had hired said.

Trubo had their own PR team for their brands in every country.

It was precisely because the situation in every country was different that it was impossible for them to just use one PR team for all their other brands in other countries.

Since Trubo wanted to develop the brand in this country, theyd naturally also set up their own internal PR team within the company.

Unexpectedly, they actually did not know what to do at all when it came to dealing with Lu Man.

“What do you mean you did all you can What did you guys do Besides releasing a statement to clarify at the start, what else was there” Edwood said angrily.

The head of the PR team thought to himself, If you werent so lustful, would there even be a need to do PR now

“It was really because our side reacted too late.

By the time we received the news, Lu Mans side had already been in action for quite a while, so we were already on the passive side, unable to do anything more.”

As he spoke, CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang walked in with somber faces.

The two of them did not dare to see Edwood now.

If not for CEO Luo trying to flirt with Yan Zhiqing when he got drunk, things would not have come to this state.

When Edwood saw the two of them now, he felt utterly enraged.

CEO Luo hinted at Deputy CEO Zhang secretly.

Deputy CEO Zhang braced himself and said, “Mr.

Edwood, Mr.

Chanders, theres some problem with our brands flagship opening ceremony.”

Edwood frowned as he asked, “What problem”

“All our paperwork in the country did not get approved,” Deputy CEO Zhang said.

“What do you mean! Didnt we settle all of that previously” Chanders asked furiously.

It was precisely because it was something that had been confirmed that both of them came over.

They intended to do both activities at the same time so that both would go hand in hand.

If they settled on the brands spokesperson and sent out the publicity for it at the same time, it would be perfect.

Their paperwork would have been all settled by the time the day of the opening ceremony came.

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