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Chapter 2561: His Yan Family Is Actually So Capable

The time was very tight and everything had been planned consecutively.

“But theres an accident now.

They wont send it out for us,” Deputy CEO Zhang said as he carefully looked at Edwood and Chanders.

“If the paperwork doesnt come, we cant hold the opening ceremony either.

The timing for the opening ceremony that we had originally set…” Deputy CEO Zhang said uncomfortably.

“Didnt you ask why it happened” Chanders said coldly.

“Its probably… the Yan Family…” Deputy CEO Zhang said.

It was Yan Beicheng who personally gave the other side a heads up to just halt all the progress they have made thus far.

Edwood slammed the table in rage and said, “His Yan Family is actually so capable! He can just tell them to put a stop to it and they will stop”

Deputy CEO Zhang did not say a word.

He thought to himself, The Yan Family was indeed so capable.

Any of the eight great families would have such great capability.

“Then what are you guys even doing” Chanders questioned coldly.

“Back then, we let you both take on the role of CEO and Deputy CEO here precisely because of your families standing.

Now, dont tell me you cant do anything about it”

Deputy CEO Zhang gaped.

He could not possibly say that their families did not have as great a say as the Yan Family, right

He could only try to say it more indirectly, “If other families went to give a heads up, any one of us from either of our two families would have been able to go and resolve the matter.

But as for the Yan Family…”

Edwood understood.

He laughed mockingly and said, “So, both of your families are of no use at all now!”

CEO Luo quickly said, “You cant say that.

There are still many things that both of our families can do.

After all, you still need people who are familiar with this place and have wide connections.”

“If your connections are so wide, why cant you even get the paperwork done!” Edwood shouted furiously.

“You still have the cheek to say this If not because you got drunk and caused trouble, would Trubo face such an awkward and difficult situation All of this is caused by you twos stupidity! You two had to insist on doing those irrelevant things!”

CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang both fell silent.

Edwood said, “Before the opening ceremony date that was originally set, you two better settle everything that needs to be settled! If not, the two of you can forget about staying on in Trubo! Trubo doesnt want useless people!”

CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang left without a word.

This matter was impossible to settle.

Unless they bowed down to Yan Beicheng.

But it was impossible for the two of them to bow down.

Who did not want to save face for themselves

“What should we do about this” Deputy CEO Zhang asked CEO Luo.

“Hmph! If they want us to quit, well just quit, then! He really thinks that aside from Trubo, the two of us have nowhere to go We just worked together temporarily for our own interests,” CEO Luo said coldly.

Deputy CEO Zhang also said, “Why didnt that Edwood think that he doesnt have any fault at all Im washing my hands off this matter!”


Lets leave aside how troubled and vexed Trubo felt right now.

It was time for Jixia Academys school anniversary.

Aside from Lu Man, the other people in the Han Family all came from Jixia Academy.

Although Lu Man never went to Jixia Academy before, on this school anniversary day, as long as the schools alumni had time, they would all bring their other half there.

Its just that, because the family backgrounds of the people in Jixia Academy could not run away from this social circle of theirs, their partners mostly also graduated from Jixia Academy.

In this way, even if the couple did not go together, they would still be considered school alumni members all the same.

Like Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya.

When they reached Jixia Academy, they even bumped into Chu Zhaoyang and the others.

They all brought their wives along.

They even met Yan Zhiqing.

Yan Zhiqing smiled and said to Lu Man, “For handling the incident with Trubo, I really have to thank you.”

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