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Chapter 2569: Evil!

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Yet Shen Mujing and Yuan Ailin were now pretending to be nice.

They were just too afraid to get on Shi Xiaoyas bad side.

Luo Qingxian was angry, but she still remained rational.

She kept her thoughts to herself.

She could not offend everyone.

As for Shi Xiaoya, she still felt bitter.

Shi Xiaoyia could do it, but she refused to help.


Luo Qingxians anger could be seen on her face.

The atmosphere immediately turned very awkward.

Since it was so awkward, Shi Xiaoya thought that it would be better for her to go see Han Zhuoling.

When that thought crossed her mind, a few boys from her class arrived.

Gao Yaohai, the class monitor who had called Shi Xiaoya on the phone, Mu Changxun, Wu Erjia, and Lin Chengfeng were among those boys that had arrived.

“Hey! What happened” Gao Yaohai said with a smile as he sensed the awkwardness between the girls upon his arrival.

His voice was like a pebble that broke the ice, and the atmosphere that was as cold as ice became lively again.


Because you guys were taking too long to get here, we became bored,” Yuan Ailin said with a smile.

“You all are terrible.

Why did you guys arrive so late”

Gao Yaohai apologized and said, “There was a traffic jam, especially near the school gates.

There were increasingly more people and there were long lines of cars waiting to get inside the school.

Even though a police officer was directing traffic, it was still very bad.”

Then, Gao Yaohai saw Shi Xiaoya and called out, “Xiaoya, thanks for coming for my sake.

We havent seen each other for a long time.

You didnt come to the past few gatherings.”

Shi Xiaoya smiled and said, “I couldnt make it to those gatherings.

I was either working for a production crew or traveling outside B City.

There was no way I could come back.

I just so happened to be in B City during this school celebration, so I made sure to come.”

“So, you definitely cant leave early today.

We have to spend enough time together.” Lin Chengfeng laughed as he spoke.

“Of course,” Shi Xiaoya promised.

“By the way, Dongsen just came back from overseas not long ago.

He is coming to this school celebration as well,” Gao Yaohai said.

“Dongsen is back” Yuan Ailin said, feeling surprised and happy.

“I havent seen him in a long time.”

“Yeah, it was such a coincidence.

He was going to come back a few days later and wouldnt have made it to this school celebration.

However, when he heard that Xiaoya, who was rarely present, was coming as well, he said that he would come back for the school celebration no matter what.” Gao Yaohai spoke while throwing a glance at Shi Xiaoya that seemed to imply that there might have been a flirtatious relationship between this Dongsen and Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya didnt know what to say.

In the past, they would tease her and Huo Dongsen.

But Shi Xiaoya never took their words seriously.

If Huo Dongsen had liked her in the past, he would have said something.

Yet during every teasing, Huo Dongsen just smiled.

He never admitted nor denied that he liked her.

And Shi Xiaoya had always thought this kind of behavior was annoying.

If you like someone, you should say it.

She had no feelings towards Huo Dongsen…

However, she thought that he should have cleared up the misunderstanding if he did not like her so that the teasing could end.

Those people thought the teasing was fun, but Shi Xiaoya thought it was very annoying.

If this teasing had gone rampant, even if she herself never took it seriously, more and more people would have misunderstood and some might have taken the joke seriously.

In the past, even her parents and her brother had asked her if she was dating Huo Dongsen.

Because of this joke that they thought was funny, even her family misunderstood her relationship with Huo Dongsen.

Because of this, Shi Xiaoya did not like Huo Dongsen even more.

She did not understand the intention behind those jokes.

They could have said some other harmless jokes, but they just wouldnt stop this joke.

In addition, if you were angry about this joke and told them seriously about how bad this joke was, they might just think that you were being petty and couldnt take a joke.

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