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Chapter 2570: Why Didnt You Finish Your Words

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It was fine if they joked about it in the past.

However, she had started a relationship with Han Zhuoling.

She was someone with a fiancee.

Yet Gao Yaohai still thought this joke was funny.

He still gave her such glances that implied that there was something weird between her and Huo Dongsen.


Yuan Ailins smile froze.

Then, her facial expression changed to become the same as the expression on Gao Yaohais face, implying too that there was a flirtatious relationship between Huo Dongsen and Shi Xiaoya.

She then asked, “Whats wrong with Huo Dongsen We have been classmates for so long, but he never came back earlier.

But the moment you brought up Shi Xiaoya, he decided to come back earlier”

Shen Mujing knew what Yuan Ailin was thinking.

Now that she heard what Yuan Ailin said, she snickered and said, “Huo Dongsens motive is so obvious.

Speaking of this, it has been so many years, but he still has not given up.”

Shi Xiaoya smiled and said, “What are you guys talking about”

Since she still needed to keep this relationship cordial, she decided to pretend like she knew nothing.

No matter what they said, she had decided to pretend like she did not understand.

As expected, they felt dumbfounded when she asked that question.

In the past, they did this as well.

They would never be clear with their words.

They would always say something ambiguous that would result in a misunderstanding.

As Shi Xiaoya thought about it, she felt terrified.

In the past, she only felt uncomfortable when they teased her and Huo Dongsen and when Huo Dongsen never clarified.

But as she thought about it now, she realized that though these people were teasing and having fun, they were also really saying ambiguous words that could be comprehended depending on your preference.

It was quite easy to misunderstand their comments, making it seem like there was something going on between her and Huo Dongsen.

However, at the same time, if she had told them not to bring this joke up anymore, they could argue and say that they never said anything.

They could then ask if she had misunderstood something.

Because of this, Shi Xiaoya felt more and more angry as she pondered more about this.

What could be the intention of these people for making such jokes

If she misunderstood, were they going to laugh at her or do something else

Shi Xiaoya suddenly realized that Huo Dongsen might have not said something because of this.

Because they were always so ambiguous with their words, allowing listeners to interpret it however they would like.

If Huo Dongsen told them to stop joking, they would say that Huo Dongsen had misunderstood.


Shi Xiaoya really did not understand what they were trying to do!

“Speaking of this, Dongsen always had…” Yuan Ailin never finished her sentence.

However, Shi Xiaoya had figured out their tactic.

She smiled and stared at Yuan Ailin.

“Had what” Shi Xiaoya asked with a smile.

Yuan Ailin was at a loss for words.

Previously, whenever this happened, Shi Xiaoya would never fall for their tricks.

However, she would show an awkward facial expression.

She had never acted like this before.

She had never looked back and smiled with a very natural and poised attitude.

It was as though… Shi Xiaoya had seen through her tricks.

Yuan Ailin froze.

She opened her mouth slightly.


Shi Xiaoya still had the same smile.

“You were saying, Huo Dongsen had what Why didnt you finish your sentence”

Shi Xiaoyas smile was so sweet.

She appeared so thoughtless.

And so, Yuan Ailin thought that her realization earlier was just a misconception.

And now, as she looked at Shi Xiaoya, she couldnt tell anything through that facial expression.

And so, she thought that she had been mistaken.

Could her wrong perception be because of guilt

And immediately, Yuan Ailin thought to herself that there was nothing to feel guilty about.

With this, she resumed her normal state.

“Nothing.” This was the only answer Yuan Ailin could give.

She was never planning on finishing that sentence.

She was going to keep it ambiguous and let Shi Xiaoya finish the rest of the sentence by herself.

But she never expected that Shi Xiaoya would act differently.

In the past, Shi Xiaoya would ignore the statement..

Yet this time, she would not stop asking her to finish the sentence.

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