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Chapter 2571: A Naturally Undefeatable Aura

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She did not even want to say anything, so she could not say a word even if she was asked to continue.

Shi Xiaoya smiled and gave it a thought.

“So its nothing.

It seems like you have not finished what you were saying just now and had something more to say.”

“Dongsen is here,” said Dong Mujing.

Everyones attention was diverted.

Yuan Ailin could finally let out a sigh of relief.

Huo Dongsen walked towards them.

When he was still in school, Huo Dongsen was already popular.

Not only in their class, but even among his junior girls and senior girls, there were many who liked him.

After so many years of her not seeing him, Shi Xiaoyas impression of Huo Dongsen was still frozen at the time when they were still in university.

They also had a gathering when they were in university, but they were not in suits and dresses.

They were all students wearing casual clothes.

Now, everyone was working in their own companies.

Although they were young, everyone tried to make themselves seem mature and independent.

So Gao Yaohai and the others wore their suits and dresses this time.

It was her first time seeing them like this, so Shi Xiaoya was not used to it.

Perhaps because they were still immature, even when they were wearing suits, they still did not look independent and mature.

However, they were quite handsome.

But Huo Dongsen looked more mature than them, and he also had a stronger aura.

However, Shi Xiaoya was used to looking at Han Zhuolings aura.

Han Zhuoling had a naturally undefeatable aura.

So after she had seen so much of it, Gao Yaohai and the others looked like kids trying to act mature by wearing adult clothes to her.

Even Huo Dongsen seemed like this; he was just a little better than Gao Yaohai and the others.

Huo Dongsen walked over.

“Am I the last one to arrive”

“Are you not Half of our class came this time and you were the latest to arrive,” said Gao Yaohai, laughing.

Huo Dongsen went to university in the country, then he did his postgraduate studies overseas.

Because his family had high expectations of him, they were not going to let him enter their company right after he finished his undergraduate degree.

They wanted to let him learn more and explore around.

Due to that, Huo Dongsen had just returned after graduating.

“Other than being a school festival, treat this as a welcome party for your return,” said Gao Yaohai.

“Speaking of this, its such a coincidence that you returned after graduating and came today, and Xiaoya also came today after not attending for two years.

Speaking of which…”

Gao Yaohai laughed.

“You went overseas for postgraduate studies for two years and couldnt attend; Xiaoya was also busy with work for two years and did not come.

Today, both of you appeared at the same time.”

It was as if he was saying that Shi Xiaoya did not come because Huo Dongsen was not there.

Shi Xiaoya laughed.

“After all, my job is not like yours.

You guys entered your familys company right after graduating and have a high position.

I chose a career that I like, and my family was also very supportive.

Since I have chosen something I like, I cant ask for help from my family every single time.

I just wanted to gain some achievements using my own power.

“So these two years have been the hardest for me.

I worked as an assistant under my master until my master decided that I can go and try it out by myself, then he recommended me to some production teams.

I started from small productions and slowly moved to huge productions, which attracted a lot of attention.

During that time, thinking about how I can improve myself and not make any mistakes was not enough; my work must be attractive enough to gain more opportunities.

I traveled around the country every day, so I didnt have time to attend these gatherings.

“Look at the movies produced during those two years, how many of them had my name inside I worked day and night..

I couldnt attend a gathering even if I wanted to.”

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