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Chapter 2578: Going Together

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Lu Man froze and Han Zhuoli got so frightened that he felt a chill wash over him.

He could not be blamed for not thinking of other possibilities.

After all, he had only recently experienced that incident where Lu Man lost consciousness and was almost unable to wake up again.

So, the moment he heard about needing to go to the hospital, Han Zhuolis first reaction was to think of the worst-case scenario.

“Whats wrong Are you not feeling well” Han Zhuoli grabbed Lu Mans hand.

When Lu Man felt Han Zhuolis ice-cold hand, she said hurriedly: “Im fine.

I just dont have much of an appetite today.”

“Why didnt you say so” Han Zhuoli became really anxious.

“You cant stomach anything”

Then that meant she was sick!

“Lets go.

Lets hurry to the hospital.” Han Zhuoli stood up immediately.

Han Zhuoli was currently worried.

Lu Man could not stomach her food and had no appetite.

Could it be that her soul was unstable again

How could she go on without eating anything

Do not think that not having an appetite is not a big deal.

Anorexia can lead to life-threatening consequences if it is not treated properly.

So, Han Zhuoli did not dare treat this lightly at all.

Song Yu did not know why Han Zhuoli was so nervous.

However, seeing his tense appearance, she hurriedly explained, “Relax.

Im only guessing here, but is it possible that… Lu Man is pregnant So, when you two go to the hospital, dont go around in a panic not knowing which department to go to.

First, go to gynecology to have it checked.

Of course, with Zhaoyang around, it will be much easier for her to do the examination.”

“Preg… Pregnant” Han Zhuoli stuttered.

Just a moment ago, he was worried that Lu Mans life was in danger.

However, at the next moment, it ended up being that Lu Man was pregnant.

It could be said to be a great sorrow followed by a great joy—a great fall followed by a great rise.

Han Zhuoli was unexpectedly stunned silent and stayed dazed for quite a while.

Lu Man was also so startled that she unconsciously held her stomach.

Song Yu said hurriedly, “Im not very certain of it.

Its just a guess.

The main point is that when I was pregnant previously, I too experienced great changes to my appetite and couldnt eat anything with a fishy taste.

Additionally, my tastebuds became extraordinarily sharp.

I could even taste the slightest bit of fishiness.

“Not every pregnant woman would be like this though.

No one reacts exactly the same way.

But as it turns out, what Lu Man is going through now seems more or less just like what I went through at the time.

Thats why Ive got this suspicion,” Song Yu explained.

However, she was afraid that if Lu Mans and Han Zhuolis expectations were raised too high, they would be disappointed if the checkup ultimately showed that Lu Man was not pregnant.

Song Yu did not know how to tell them that though.

After all, a pregnancy was a happy occasion.

Who would pour cold water onto someone elses happy expectations That would be like cursing them to not be pregnant.

Lu Man noticed Song Yus hesitation and took the initiative to say to Han Zhuoli: “Then well go have it checked.

But I might not necessarily be pregnant.

What if its just a stomach upset”

Song Yu smiled gratefully at Lu Man.

How was it possible that such a clever and considerate young lady existed

Due to this, everyone was not able to continue eating and decided in succession that they would accompany Han Zhuoli and Lu Man to the hospital.

“How is this okay All of you practically havent eaten at all,” Lu Man said immediately.

“How can you do this just because of us…”

“Hey, its fine.” Wei Zhiqian waved her hand.

“The result isnt known.

So if we stay here, well just be worried and have no appetite all the same.

Well just accompany you to your checkup.”

Lu Man could not persuade them otherwise, so she could only agree to it.

It was only after they exited the restaurant that Lu Man realized so many people were accompanying her for a pregnancy check.

Naturally, the group of people went to Chu Tian Hospital.

On the way there, Chu Zhaoyang had already given a call to the gynecologist.

Fortunately, Dr.

Chang, the head of the gynecology department, still had yet to get off work.

Although Chu Zhaoyang said that Lu Man wanted to get a checkup done, he had not mentioned that their large group of people would be accompanying her.

So everyone at the hospital did not feel too good upon seeing them..

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