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Chapter 2580: Dont Worry

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Lu Man nodded.

“Were gonna have a child! Were gonna have a child! Im gonna be a mom.

In the future, I want to have a few more kids.”

Han Zhuoli laughed.

The first one was not even born and she already wanted more.

Han Zhuoli was feeling an indescribable excitement.

He had just experienced the pain of almost losing her, but now, the two of them were going to have children.

It was so unexpected and such a surprise.

“Oh, right.” Han Zhuoli suddenly remembered something.

“Is there anything we need to pay attention to regarding her diet”

“Not much.

Everything is based on the pregnant womans taste.

Give her whatever she wants to eat.

However, there are still some foods that need to be avoided, especially during the first three months; there are some foods that need to be avoided even if you have to hold back your cravings.”

Because they always faced this kind of problem, Chu Tian Hospital had made a small booklet to be given to soon-to-be mothers and fathers.

Director Chang handed the small booklet to Han Zhuoli.

“Everything is inside.

Have a read when you go back.”

Then, Director Chang gave him a business card.

“If you come across any problems, contact me anytime.”

Han Zhuoli took the booklet and nodded.

“My wife was in a coma for many days before and had just recovered a while ago.

Now, shes pregnant.

Will that have any effect on her body”

Director Chang answered, “Well have to do a more detailed checkup and have a look.”

So Lu Man was brought to get a checkup once again.

After the results came out, Director Chang laughed while looking at the report.

“Dont worry.


Hans condition is very good and stable.

Although she is pregnant, you all shouldnt be too anxious.

If youre too anxious, it will be bad for the mother.

Just relax and be your usual self.

“Think about it.

Before you came for a checkup today, Mrs.

Han did not even know shes pregnant but her condition was very stable.

If that wasnt the case, she would already have had some sort of reaction.

Obviously, although I ask you to be your usual self and relax, you cant do any high-intensity sport like running or jumping.

Try to avoid lifting heavy objects as well.

Other than those, theres nothing much.

You dont have to lie down and not move at all just because youre pregnant; just do what you have to do, its fine.”

After knowing that Lu Mans condition was stable, Han Zhuoli was relieved.

After that, these prospective parents did not even know how they came out from the consultation room.

They stood foolishly in the corridor for a long time.

“What… what do we do now” asked Lu Man.

Now, her whole mind was being occupied by the thought of her being pregnant; she even forgot that Wei Zhiqian and the others were waiting in the lounge.

Han Zhuoli also forgot, and after thinking for a while, he said, “Lets call our families first.”

“Yes, yes!” Lu Man nodded and took out her phone hurriedly.

Han Zhuoli reported it to the Han Family while Lu Man called Xia Qingwei.

Han Zhuoli called the old mansion, and it was Butler Wang who picked up.

After a while, Butler Wang passed the phone to Old Mrs.


“Grandma,” Han Zhuoli called.

“What is it” asked Old Mrs.


“Grandma, Man Man is pregnant!” said Han Zhuoli, full of excitement.

When he said the last word, his voice shook with excitement.

Old Mrs.

Han thought she had heard wrong and asked again immediately, “What did you say What happened to Man Man”

“Pregnant! Man Man is pregnant.

Its just been four weeks,” said Han Zhuoli, laughing.

“Aiyo!” Old Mrs.

Han was both excited and joyful, and she slapped her own thigh..

“You… why did you guys think of going for a checkup Where are you guys now”

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