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Chapter 2581: If We Are Old, How Is It Possible to Give Birth

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“Were at Chu Tian Hospital.

We told you immediately after the checkup.

I still need to call Mom and Dad.

I will tell you in detail when I return to the family home,” said Han Zhuoli.

“Okay, okay, okay,” said Old Mrs.

Han in a rush.

“Have you guys eaten I will ask Aunty Sun to prepare dinner.”

“We havent eaten much.

I dont know what Man Man wants to eat now.

Have you eaten” asked Han Zhuoli.

“We only eat a little at night,” said Old Mrs.


“We just had a simple meal.

Dont rush yourselves.

Take your time to think about it and call home once you have an idea.

Now that Man Man is pregnant, her taste may be different from usual.

Just tell me what she wants to eat.”

“Alright.” Han Zhuoli nodded and agreed.

He called Shen Nuo right after he hung up.

As for Lu Man, she told Xia Qingwei, “Mom, Im pregnant.”

Through the phone, Lu Man could hear Xia Qingwei inhaling loudly out of surprise.

“Really” Xia Qingwei cried tears of joy.

This scared Wang Juhuai, who was next to her.

“Why Why are you crying” asked Wang Juhuai anxiously.

Lu Man also heard Wang Juhuais anxious voice.

Xia Qingwei shook her head vigorously and said to Wang Juhuai, “Its good news.

Man Man… shes pregnant!”

Lu Man heard a long laugh from Wang Juhuai.

She had never heard Wang Juhuai laugh in such an obnoxious way; the ceiling was going to fall due to his laughter.

Xia Qingwei was in a mess of laughter and tears.

“Laugh louder and the ceiling will be destroyed by you.”

Wang Juhuai said, full of expectations, “Qingwei, we… were going to be grandparents”

“Yes!” Xia Qingwei nodded firmly.

Wang Juhuai walked a few rounds and came back as he pointed at his own nose, asking Xia Qingwei, “We… were going to be grandparents at such a young age!”

Xia Qingwei laughed.

“How are we still young”

“Who said were not young We just gave birth to another son.

Were very young! If we are old, how is it possible for us to give birth” said Wang Juhuai, full of confidence.

Xia Qingwei had no words.


“Hey, you!” Xia Qingwei covered her phone.

“Man Man can hear us over there!”

Lu Man laughed as she listened.

They were supposed to talk about her pregnancy but have gone off-topic.

As she listened to the interesting things Wang Juhuai said, even if she could not see, she could imagine what was happening on the other side of the phone.

Xia Qingwei ignored Wang Juhuai and asked Lu Man, “Where are you guys now”

“Were at Chu Tian Hospital.

I called you immediately after the results of the checkup came out,” said Lu Man.

“Then you will be going to the family home later” asked Xia Qingwei.

“Should be.

Zhuoli is also reporting this good news to his family.” Lu Man could not stop herself from smiling.

Even though pregnancy was not meant to be rushed and it depended on “fate,” they had prepared for pregnancy from very early on.

Since they had been preparing, they also had been expecting the arrival of their child

As they had been expecting, while the child was not here, they would feel sad and impatient, thinking, why was the child not here yet

Now that she was finally pregnant, she put down all her worries and was filled with indescribable joy and expectations.

“After returning from the family home tonight or tomorrow, well go back.

If we can go back tonight, I will call you,” said Lu Man.

Since the grandparents were at the family home, they had to go there first..

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