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Chapter 2582: We Are All People with Our Own Families

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“If it gets too late tonight, dont come over, just go back home and have a good rest,” Xia Qingwei said.

“Oh, right, if youre pregnant now, will there be any issues with the theater troupe You even fell into a coma before, so I dont know if your body has recovered well.”

“I just did an examination.

My physical situation is very stable, dont worry,” Lu Man said.

“As for the theater troupe, since I agreed to perform and signed the contract, I cant possibly back out.

Luckily, the number of performances isnt a lot, and we are at the rehearsal stage.

I wont let myself be tired out.

But I still have to speak to the director about it.

After all, if my pregnancy becomes obvious later on, I wont be able to perform.”

“Then do you have any cravings I can prepare them for you at home first.

Be it any snacks, fruits, or dishes, as long as you can name them, just let me know,” Xia Qingwei said.

She had been gravely ill and even thought that she did not have many years left to live.

Yet now that her body had fully recovered, she had a husband, had children, and in the blink of an eye, she was about to become a grandmother soon.

Xia Qingweis heart felt really warm, as if she did not have any place to put her energies to use.

So she only looked forward to taking care of Lu Man well.

Lu Man thought about it but did not manage to think of anything.

“I dont really have any cravings now, but Ill tell you when I think of it.”

“Sure, sure, sure,” Xia Qingwei said as she nodded fervently.

Lu Man hung up the call on this end.

Han Zhuoli also finished speaking to Shen Nuo over the phone.

“Lets go back to the family home first.

Dad and Mom are going over too,” Han Zhuoli said.

“Okay.” Lu Man nodded.

After the couple finished their calls, they could finally go back to normal.

They also remembered that Qi Chengzhi and the others were still waiting in the lounge for them.

The two of them almost drove off straight.

They went to the lounge now, and when everyone saw them come, they all asked how it went.

Han Zhuoli smiled delightedly and said, “Man Man is pregnant!”


“Congrats, congrats!”

Everyone sent their well-wishes to them.

Gu Nian reminded them, “The elders always say that during the first three months of your pregnancy, you shouldnt tell outsiders about it.

Aside from letting your close friends and family know, you can tell the others officially after the three-month mark.

But theres no scientific evidence for this.”

“Although theres no scientific evidence to back this up, since its a tradition, we should still just observe it,” Han Zhuoli immediately said.

“Its better to be safe than sorry, right!”

Pregnancy was a major event, so it would always be good to be cautious.

Anyway, it was not something that was very difficult to do.

Hence, everyone all agreed that, aside from them, they would not tell others about this.

Previously, Qi Chengzhi and the others who already had their own kids had also observed this tradition.

Aside from their family, they did not tell outsiders about it.

They only announced it publicly after three months.

So even if Han Zhuoli did not say anything, they would not tell outsiders about it.

Since Han Zhuoli and Lu Man had such joyous news to share, they naturally could not continue with their gathering anymore and had to quickly go back home to share the news with their family.

The elders at home were still waiting for them.

So Han Zhuoli and Lu Man, Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya, and Han Zhuofeng as well, all went back to the family home first.

“So what should we do” Wei Zhiqian asked.

“What do you meanwe Youre a single dog, but were different.

Were all people with our own families,” Yan Beicheng said.

Wei Zhiqian: “…”

On this joyous occasion, why did his heart still feel pricked

Wei Zilin patted Wei Zhiqians shoulder and said, “Cherish the two months ahead of you.”

“…” Wei Zhiqian even felt guilty from his words.


Qi Chengzhi smiled slyly and said, “Because during the first three months of pregnancy, it wont be good to spread word of it around, so Old Mrs.

Han will surely hold it in..

But after three months…”

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