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Chapter 2596: That Is My Rival in Love

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Despite her terrified appearance…

She pressed firmly down there, making it hard for him to bear.

It was an unbearable combination of pain and joy.

He really had the urge to just do it with her right there.

However, he could not.

There were surveillance cameras all along the street.

He did not want to be photographed in the act with Shi Xiaoya.

Han Zhuoling could only give her a deep and heavy kiss to temporarily satiate his urge.

Then he continued on with their conversation, saying, “But its okay for you to get jealous.”

Han Zhuolings kiss sent Shi Xiaoya into a daze, and she stayed that way for a moment.

Her mind was a total blank for that entire time.

It was only after quite a while that she finally returned to her senses.

Thinking of what Han Zhuoling had just said, Shi Xiaoya suddenly did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Why are you hoping for me to get jealous Dont men normally get annoyed by women getting jealous for no reason”

“Im not annoyed,” Han Zhuoling said with a light smile.

“If youre jealous, its because you care about me.

That makes me extremely happy.”

Shi Xiaoya pouted and said, “If Im jealous, isnt it all because youre too flirtatious”

Han Zhuoling felt very helpless regarding this.

“I cant control where those women look with their eyes and what they think in their minds.

If they look at me and you get jealous, this is a very normal thing.

I wont get annoyed.

Rather, I will be quite happy because it shows you care about me.

“But I can guarantee that regardless of what they do, I wont even glance at them or give them any chances.”

Shi Xiaoyas face was flushed, but she could not help but give a slight smile.

This man—when did he become such a sweet-talker

Shi Xiaoya did not realize that she had unknowingly spoken her thought out loud.

By the time she realized it, Han Zhuoling was saying with complete sincerity, “I mean it.”

“I know,” Shi Xiaoya said with a smile.

Her voice sounded like it had been soaked in honey to the extent of becoming especially sweet.

It was only then that Han Zhuoling finally sat back in his seat, put on the seat belt, and started driving again.

After theyd been driving for a while, Shi Xiaoya said, “Do you still remember that time when we were at your old home and Grandmother took out your past photos I saw the ones from your time at Jixia Academy.

In every photo, there was a female student in the corner looking at you.

Do you remember that”

The female student was in every photo like a stalker.

Han Zhuoling nodded.

“I do.”

He remembered that there was such a thing.

However, he did not have even the slightest impression of what that female student in the photos looked like.

One reason was that the female student was usually quite a distance away, so her face was not particularly clear in some of the photos.

Another reason was that even though there were photos where her face was clear, Han Zhuoling did not consider her as someone important, so he did not put in any effort at all into remembering her.

As such, he did not have even the slightest impression of what she looked like.

“Why” Han Zhuoling waited for an opportunity to glance at Shi Xiaoya.

She would not bring up this matter without rhyme or reason.

Han Zhuoling then asked, “I dont remember that female students face.

Could it be Lian Qingyin”

Shi Xiaoya nodded.

“Its her.

I cant have remembered her wrongly.

Its a matter of the past, but it was recorded in those photographs.

When I saw those photos, I felt that maybe that female student had long since given up on you, or that she has already gotten married and given birth to kids, forming her own family.

Or perhaps that she had long since gone overseas.

There were many possibilities, so I initially didnt feel the need to feel concerned about her.

“But she exists in every one of your photographs, indirectly making them seem like group photos.

Still, thats secondary to what makes my hair stand on end the most, and that is the possibility that she had always been following you secretly.

Wherever you were, she would definitely be hiding somewhere while she watched you.

“Although the matter was from a long time ago, she was still someone who liked you.

So I wont forget her,” Shi Xiaoya said..

“Shes my rival in love.”

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