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Chapter 2599: Why Dont I… Help You

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However, Shi Xiaoya squirmed again.

He could no longer endure it.

Instead, the urge felt stronger.

And now, Han Zhuoling had such a strong desire to be inside her.

His soft fiancee was in his arms.

How could he endure it

But they were in the office, and it was inconvenient here.

Shi Xiaoya let out a sigh of relief.

But when she saw how much Han Zhuoling was struggling, she felt bad.

She felt herself going through an internal conflict.

Then, she heard Han Zhuoling said, “I can just endure it and it will be okay.”

However, when she saw the big drops of perspiration falling on Han Zhuolings forehead, how could she let him go through this

Shi Xiaoya said softly, “Why dont I… help you”

Her voice was very soft.

It was as though it was stuck in her throat.

If he wasnt listening to her carefully, he wouldnt have heard what she said clearly.

Yet at that very moment, Han Zhuolings hearing had become immensely good.

He had instantly heard her clearly.

He didnt even dare to ask Shi Xiaoya to repeat herself.

If he asked her to repeat herself and she regretted what she had just said and refused to do it, what would he do

He would be the one at a loss.

Therefore, Han Zhuoling didnt say anything.

He immediately carried Shi Xiaoya to the bathroom.

The bathroom in Han Zhuolings office had more than just a toilet and a washbasin.

It had a shower stall like the normal bathrooms at home.

This way, Han Zhuoling could attend some events straight from his office.

He could go straight to the Han Corporation Building after a business trip and take a shower or wash up in the bathroom of his office.

And so, this bathroom was not small.

Han Zhuoling carried Shi Xiaoya and placed her on the washbasin.

The moment she sat on the washbasin made of marble, she felt the coldness seeping through her jeans.

Shi Xiaoya moved until her butt warmed up slightly.

Then, she felt comfortable.

She was sitting on the tall washbasin and her feet could not even touch the ground.

However, Han Zhuoling was too tall.

Therefore, even when Shi Xiaoya was sitting high up on the washbasin, she was still shorter than Han Zhuoling.

She could only look up at him.

With her looking up at Han Zhuoling, it appeared like she was much weaker.

His shadow covered her body as he looked down at her.

Shi Xiaoya gulped nervously and shrank back, huddling herself up.

She regretted saying that she would help him.

To be honest, they did it often.

Han Zhuoling had always been like a carnivorous animal with great needs.

Whenever he looked at her, he felt like swallowing her up whole.

However, she had never touched his manhood before.

Even when they were doing it, she never dared to look.

Of course, she always ended up seeing it.

Whenever she saw it, she thought it was fierce and terrifying.

The first time she accidentally saw his manhood, she almost screamed.

She couldnt help but ponder, how was that able to fit into hers

It was too terrifying!

But then, when she would get the intense spikes of dopamine and adrenaline from love, she would forget about the size of his manhood.

In the past, she never even dared to look, not to mention touch it.

Therefore, she had never touched it before.

In addition, Han Zhuoling never needed her to help with her hands.

But now, they were in the office.

Shi Xiaoya really didnt know how she had that brain freeze.

When she saw how he was trying so hard to endure the desire, she felt bad and said she would help.

And now, Han Zhuoling would never give her the chance to regret what she had said.

He undid his belt and grabbed her hands, refusing to let her escape.

After a while, Shi Xiaoya really regretted what she had said.

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