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Chapter 2603: Dreaming

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“Therefore, I accompanied CEO Lian to come and see you,” Manager Zheng said.

Lian Qingyin said immediately after Manager Zheng finished talking, “It is such a coincidence.

I didnt expect that I would see you the moment the elevator door opened.

Its as though you have been especially waiting for me.”

Shi Xiaoyas face darkened.

No one else was as shameless as Lian Qingyin.

Especially waiting for her

How shameless could she get!

She actually had the nerve to say that!

As Manager Zheng listened, he felt that something weird was going on.

Ever since Lian Qingyin saw Han Zhuoling, her attitude had become very weird.

She never greeted Shi Xiaoya nor even paid any attention to her.

And now, the way she was talking to Han Zhuoling… made it seem like there was something going on between him and her.

However, Han Zhuoling was already in a relationship with Shi Xiaoya.

Everyone in the company knew how loving Han Zhuoling was to Shi Xiaoya.

There was no way Han Zhuoling would have any feelings for Lian Qingyin.

This meant that Lian Qingyin was just engaging in wishful thinking.

She was the one who wanted something to happen between her and Han Zhuoling.

As Manager Zheng thought about this, he felt immense regret.

If he had known, he would not have brought her to see Han Zhuoling.

Like this, not only had he offended Han Zhuoling, but he had also offended Shi Xiaoya.

And it was all because of Lian Qingyin!

As the manager of the production department, Manager Zheng had to deal with many sly and cunning people, yet he lost against Lian Qingyin today.

He felt himself holding a deep grudge against Lian Qingyin.

He had analyzed numerous people.

Looking at the current situation, he knew that he had been used by Lian Qingyin.

Now that he had calmed down, he regained his ability to apply sharp judgment of people.

Manager Zheng observed Lian Qingyins reaction.

As he watched, he couldnt help but think that Lian Qingyin was not normal.

However, she still looked normal.

Manager Zheng shook his head.

As of now, he needed to prove his innocence.

He must make sure not to displease Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya.

“Miss Lian, dont give it too much thought,” Han Zhuoling said coldly.

“Only my family members can make me wait outside my office.”

Han Zhuoling continued, “And Xiaoya is my family.”

Lian Qingyin refused to listen, however.

She was hyperfocused on the fact that she saw Han Zhuoling the moment the elevator door open, which indicated that they shared a fate together.

If it wasnt because of this fate, why would she and Han Zhuoling be classmates for so many years

If it wasnt because of fate, why would Han Zhuoling get a divorce during the time she returned to the country

It was all because of this fate that they shared together.

As for Shi Xiaoya, she was just an obstruction between her and Han Zhuoling.

She was just the item to test her relationship with him.

Many years in the future, she and Han Zhuoling would reminisce about this past.

It would be part of that little act of romance that she and Han Zhuoling would do together.

She would act like a kid as she says to Han Zhuoling, “Back then, when you were in a relationship with Shi Xiaoya, I was watching from the side and very much hurt.”

Han Zhuoling would then pamper her and say, “That was me being a fool and not waiting for you.

But in the end, we still crossed paths and did not miss each other.”

Shi Xiaoya would just be part of this act of romance done by her and Han Zhuoling.

She would be mentioned a few times and never be mentioned again.

Shi Xiaoya would become their past and would be completely forgotten.

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya had no idea that Lian Qingyin was dreaming.

If Han Zhuoling knew, he would say, “Since your dream is so beautiful, go home and keep dreaming.

Dream forever.”

However, at this moment, Han Zhuoling heard Lian Qingyin say, “Zhuoling, since we met, why dont we eat lunch together”

Han Zhuoling felt grossed out by Lian Qingyins way of doing things.

The grossest thing was not Lian Qingyins delusional thoughts towards him but the fact that she ignored Shi Xiaoya.

It was as though Shi Xiaoya was not in front of her at all..

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