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Chapter 2607: You Guys Are Being Such Big Bullies

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“I know them, so how can this be considered harassing” said Lian Qingyin.

“I am his old classmate.

This is just a reminiscence between old classmates.

Its not like we are strangers.”

The waiter was having a hard time.

Han Zhuoling scoffed.

“I dont know this woman.

I dont know where this mentally ill person came from; shes delusional and thinks that she knows me.”

“Zhuoling, how can you say that” Lian Qingyin to the waiter, “Hes Han Zhuoling.

See, I do know him.”

“We dont know her,” said Shi Xiaoya.

“My fiances picture and name often appear on the news.

Its normal for him to be recognized by other people.

This woman might be a crazy fan who cant differentiate between imagination and reality, so she keeps saying she knows us.”

The other customers in the store were also watching.

Suddenly, they heard someone say, “It sure is.

There are fans who are crazy, saying they have some sort of relationship with their idols and even stopping the idols from getting married.”


There were some who committed suicide because of their idols.

Some even tried to commit suicide to force their idols to stay single because their idols were getting married.”

“What did those idols even do They are so unlucky to have to deal with those maniacs.”

“All of that was shown in the news, and I was surprised there are people like this.

I didnt think I would be able to see one with my own eyes.”

These customers did not talk loudly.

But there were some who were close enough that Lian Qingyin vaguely heard some of the things they were talking about.

Lian Qingyin was furious inside, but outside, she was crying.

“You… dont talk nonsense.

I know him! I really do! We were classmates!”

Someone could not watch anymore.

There was a lady who had just wanted to eat here with her boyfriend.

She said loudly, “So what if you really know him Hes eating with his girlfriend, and you just have to ruin that.

How can he have any peace He kept ignoring you, so dont you know what kind of attitude he has towards you You insist on grossing people out.

Such a lowly person!”

“What did you say” Lian Qingyin stood up aggressively and rushed towards that lady as if she wanted to use violence.

The lady had spoken up for them, so how could Shi Xiaoya just watch on the sidelines She rushed over straight away.

Han Zhuoling was faster than her and pulled Lian Qingyin backward.

The lady who spoke up got scared by Lian Qingyin, and her boyfriend pulled her over to protect her.

That lady said angrily, “Youre mental! I think you should go to the hospital and get your brain checked! Such a maniac!”

“This is terrifying! This woman is crazy!”

“Why is there a maniac in this restaurant Hurry up and call the cops!”

“Call the cops! Hurry up and call the cops! Take her away! She almost hurt someone just now!”

“Absolutely! This is a barbeque store, with charcoal fire everywhere; if something bad happens, it wont be a small injury.”

The restaurant manager came out hurriedly.

He saw that the situation was very chaotic, so he spoke about calling the cops immediately.

“You… you guys are being such big bullies!” screamed Lian Qingyin, full of hurt, and ran out.

The customers finally let out a sigh of relief.

Without a maniac, they could finally eat in peace.

Shi Xiaoya went to thank the lady and apologized to everyone for disturbing their meals.

The customers were reasonable and said, “This is not your fault, dont take it to heart.

Whoever has to deal with that maniac is bound to break down.

But you guys are probably going to be bothered by her again..”

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