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Xia Qingyang was so proud that she straightened her back and pretended to be enlightened, “What you say has logic, after all, considering their living standards, we cant understand it.”

After she finished saying that, she gloatingly brought Lu Qi to leave.

“Wait!” Xia Qingwei took the fruit basket and threw it at them, “Take this back and eat it yourself!”

Enraged, Xia Qingwei was trembling with anger, she lashed out even after closing the door, “What kind of people are they! Assh*les!”

“Mom, dont be angry anymore, they are not worth it,” Lu Man convinced her, she was not influenced by the drama that had unfolded just now and continued washing the dishes.

Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi had fallen into the trap set by her, so what was there to be angry about!

Meanwhile, Xia Qingwei sat down to drink a cup of cold water, having finally calmed down with great difficulty, “Right, Man Man, just now when Lu Qi called to ask about your penalty for breaching the contract, I was very scared that I would accidentally expose you.

It could not be… it could not be that you really need to pay 10 million yuan if you breach the contract right”

“Mom, what are you thinking No matter how excellent director Sun Yiwu is, he cant just randomly decide such things.

A 50,000 yuan salary having a 10 million yuan contract breach fee, only Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi are dumb enough to believe it,” Lu Man smiled and said, cleaning the bowls that had been washed with a dry cloth and put them away properly, “Actually I have a 200,000 yuan salary and the cost of the contract breach is five times that, so its only 1 million yuan.

However, I definitely wont breach the contract.”

Xia Qingwei patted her chest, letting out a long breath of relief, “That scared the h*ll out of me, I really thought that it was unreasonable too.

But how come when Lu Qi asked someone she could not manage to find out”

“Its not that she did not manage to get the information, its just that with Big Brother Han around, no matter who she asks, the other party will only follow what I say and wont tell the truth to Lu Qi.

So when she said she will ask about it, I wasnt worried,” Lu Man explained.

Right now, Xia Qingwei really could not be more satisfied with Han Zhuoli as her future son-in-law.

“Man Man you should rest early, tomorrow you need to join the film crew.

Although you lied to them about how much you are getting paid and the cost of a contract breach, but the filming is actually risky and difficult.

Im afraid that once you start filming, you wont have time to rest anymore.”



Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi returned to the car.

As Xia Qingyang thought about it, she felt even more bitter.

Lu Qi had nothing to film, but Lu Man, someone with no experience at all was going to film a move!

“No, even if you dont take on this film, I still wont allow Lu Man to film!” Xia Qingyang was unwilling to take it lying down.

“Mom, what do you want to do” Lu Qi saw that Xia Qingyang seemed to have an idea.

Xia Qingyang smiled evilly, “Didnt she say that if she breached the contract she needs to pay 10 million yuan Then let her be unable to join the film crew! Let me see how she can find the money when that happens!”

Lu Qi blinked, then said in surprise, “Right! How did I not think of that, Mom, youre so smart!”

“At that time, she could not even afford 100,000 yuan of surgery fees, so 10 million would almost ruin her and make her take her own life.

At that time, wouldnt she still need to return to our family Then well take back all that she owes us!” Xia Qingyang gritted her teeth and said evilly.


Sun Yiwus new movie had already finished filming at the other places, and right now, they were filming at South Yunnan and were only left with Lu Mans parts and some final scenes.

The production company had already bought the plane tickets for Lu Man and Lu Man needed to first take a five-hour plane, and then her crew members would pick her up at the airport, and then she would have to take a two-hour car ride to a small city in South Yunnan.

Although Lu Man would enter the production group in the afternoon, the journey would take more than seven hours, and hence she needed to set off very early.

So Xia Qingwei also woke up early and made a piping hot breakfast for Lu Man.

Lu Man simply ate two small buns and a bowl of porridge before dragging her luggage and getting ready to set out.


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