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Chapter 2638: If She Agrees

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“Those 15 minutes belonged to Xiaoya to begin with.

Its just that she gave up her time and queued further back.

It doesnt affect the overall timing.

Anyway, its not like Xiaoya is asking for 10 more minutes.

She wont take up any time at all.

Those 10 minutes were hers to begin with.

Shed even return to you guys five minutes.”

The assistants expression soured drastically from Guo Yujies words.

Right after that, Shi Xiaoya slowly said, “Whether or not I deserve this chance, it is also up to Director Wu to decide.

Can I trouble you to ask Director Wu for me If Director Wu said he doesnt want to give me this chance, then theres nothing I can say.”

The assistants expression got even uglier.

She understood what Shi Xiaoya implied.

Shi Xiaoya was saying that what she said did not count.

Wu Mosen had the final say.

Even if she rejected Shi Xiaoya here, it was no use.

She still needed to ask Wu Mosen.

The assistant scoffed and said, “I dont need to trouble Director Wu Mosen for this matter.

Director Wu Mosen is only in charge of giving opinions for choosing the makeup artists.

As for minor matters like contacting the makeup artists, hes not the one in charge of it.

I will ask the person-in-charge directly for her opinion.

If she agrees, then you can stay until the end for an interview.”

After saying that, she did not wait for Shi Xiaoya to say anything else.

The assistant just went in.

After the door opened and closed, the assistant entered the interview room.

The people in charge of the interview, besides Wu Mosen who was sitting in the center, also included the head writer for this film.

There were quite a few screenwriters for this film, but the lead screenwriter was the one sitting right here.

And there was another judge, which turned out to be Lian Qingyin!

Men Xue Films, which Lian Qingyin worked at, had the greatest share of investments in this film.

Attracting investments to find a director, a cast, a script, etc.

for a film would all take a very long time.

So this investment had been confirmed long ago.

At that time, Lian Qingyin had not been in charge of the domestic market yet.

Han Zhuoling also did not know that Lian Qingyin was from Men Xue.

To get more opportunities to meet and interact with Han Zhuoling, Lian Qingyin had finally managed to clinch the position as country head for the domestic market.

She realized to her surprise later on that the Han Corporation had actually also invested in Wu Mosens film and was the company that held the second-biggest share of investments after Men Xue.

Lian Qingyin thus wanted to use this chance to be able to interact more with Han Zhuoling.

Unexpectedly, Han Zhuoling actually did not care about being nice at all and directly told her that he was disgusted by her.

She even got watched by Lian Shitaos men now.

Although they did not restrict her movements, she had to go to work after all, and that could not be affected.

She knew that no matter where she went, there would always be people following her and reporting every big and small matter about her in detail to Lian Shitao.

It was a critical and tense period right then, so even if Lian Qingyin wanted to go and see Han Zhuoling and wanted to make Shi Xiaoya die, she had to keep a low profile first and behave honestly.

Up until a few days ago, when the production crew started hiring makeup artists.

She recalled that Shi Xiaoya was also a makeup artist and had some fame in the country.

She wondered if she would sign up to participate in the selections.

As she thought of that, Lian Qingyin asked for the sign-up list from a staff.

Indeed, she saw Shi Xiaoyas resume there.

Hence, Lian Qingyin took the initiative to say that she wanted to be one of the judges for choosing the makeup artists today.

As the representative for Men Xue in the country right now, if Lian Qingyin wanted to be the judge, Wu Mosen naturally gave her face and agreed.

He had planned to just discuss it with the head writer and keep it between the two of them.

The two of them were personally involved in the production, so they each had their own impressions of how each character in the film should look like..

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