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Chapter 2647: Who Knows if Youre Telling the Truth

“I havent even said anything, and you just pinned a whole lot of accusations on me.

Seeing how anxious and upset you are that you cant wait to chase me away, its as if you dont dare to let me speak.

Are you afraid that I might say something that can be used against you” Shi Xiaoya asked plainly.

Lian Qingyins heart stopped for a moment.

What did Shi Xiaoya mean by this

Dont tell her she caught some weakness of hers which she could use against her

But what weakness did she have that Shi Xiaoya could get hold of

She thought about it but did not think that there was any weakness of hers that Shi Xiaoya could get hold of.

Could it be the car accident that had happened today

But how long had it been since it happened

The police had not even investigated thoroughly, so how could Shi Xiaoya know!

Shi Xiaoya was just using the chance to scare her.

Although Lian Qingyin reacted very quickly and regained her composure almost immediately, Shi Xiaoya still managed to catch those few seconds of pause and guilt.

Shi Xiaoyas mind started thinking at the speed of light.

This meant that Lian Qingyin had indeed done something, and it might even be something quite serious.

If not, her expression would not have changed so quickly.

Shi Xiaoya had no time to dwell on it now and could only keep this at the back of her mind for now.

She looked at Wu Mosen and said, “Teacher Wu, I am very sorry.

I did come late today, but its not because I dont treat this opportunity with importance.

Its because I met with a car accident on my way here.

“I set off two hours in advance to begin with.

From my house to here, normally, I will be able to arrive in less than an hour.

I was worried that I might run into some special situation on the roads, which might cause a delay, so I left my house two hours early,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Lian Qingyin scoffed at the side.

“Ha! You make it sound so nice.

You are late and found an excuse for yourself.

Who knows if youre telling the truth.”

Guo Yujie was so enraged that she wanted to say something, but Shi Xiaoya stopped her.

Shi Xiaoya still did not look at Lian Qingyin and treated her as if she did not exist.

Lian Qingyin was making a ruckus all on her own, but Shi Xiaoya just refused to care about her.

It actually made Lian Qingyin look like a clown at the side.

And Lian Qingyin still did not sense it right now.

“But I met with a car accident on the road.

To put it more accurately, two cars came and rammed into ours from both sides,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“I had made a narrow escape from death.

When I was being rammed into in the car, I already called the police.

The police station has a record of my report that was filed.

I am not finding an excuse for my coming late.

There is really a reason for it.

“I also dont treat the interview this time as a mere formality and do not think that it was my spot to begin with.

For the interview this time, I had prepared for a very long time and designed many makeup styles for the various characters.

And to make my designs more visual, I even drew some makeup portraits.”

Shi Xiaoya took out the kraft paper envelope file folder from her bag.

She took out the drawings from the folder.

She did not need to be scared that other people would see it.

Anyway, she would show it to Wu Mosen first.

It did not matter if other people saw it afterward.

Wu Mosen reflexively took the drawings.

When he realized what he had done, he had already started skimming through the drawings piece by piece.

Wu Mosen could not help but laugh.

He actually got led away by Shi Xiaoya unknowingly.

He had not decided whether to give Shi Xiaoya another chance to make up for her interview.

Yet as Shi Xiaoya spoke, he just took the drawings from her subconsciously and started looking at them.

He actually got led away by Shi Xiaoya just like that.

When he realized it, it was already too late.

But when Wu Mosen saw Shi Xiaoyas designs, he forgot about wanting to return the drawings to her.

He could not help but continue flipping through the drawings to look at the next piece..

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