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Chapter 2657: Negotiate Personally

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“Then you can go back!” A cold and stern male voice suddenly sounded at the door.

This unfamiliar voice made everyone turn their heads to look.

When Lian Qingyin saw the other party, her expression instantly turned ugly.

“Lu Zeqing, why are you here” Lian Qingyins expression looked extremely terrible.

Because Lu Zeqing was her competitor.

She had pulled some tricks to defeat Lu Zeqing and become the head of Men Xue Films country office here.

Even though she won, Lian Qingyin did not let down her guard at all and did not think of becoming friends with Lu Zeqing.

“Why did you come here instead of staying in the US” Lian Qingyin asked coldly.

Lu Zeqing walked in.

Lian Qingyins cold and harsh expression suddenly froze for a moment.

She looked at Lu Zeqings back in disbelief.

Han Zhuoling actually walked in behind Lu Zeqing.

Lu Zeqing came to a steady stop after he walked in, but Han Zhuolings footsteps did not stop.

He just took big strides to walk up to Shi Xiaoya.

Lu Zeqing had at least taken a look at Lian Qingyin when he came in.

But Han Zhuoling seemed not to have seen her at all.

His gaze was pointed straight at Shi Xiaoya.

“How are you Im sorry I came late.” Han Zhuoling sized up Shi Xiaoya from head to toe.

He had received Xiao Yus call after he touched down and learned that Shi Xiaoya had actually met with an ambush on her hourney, so he quickly rushed over.

He had learned early on that Men Xue Films was the main sponsor for Wu Mosens new film, and as Men Xue Films country head here, Lian Qingyin would have her fair share of interaction with Wu Mosen.

Shi Xiaoya was interested in competing for the makeup artist role in Wu Mosens new film, but as long as Lian Qingyin was around, he could not feel assured.

Lian Qingyin would definitely make things difficult for Shi Xiaoya and would very likely not even let Shi Xiaoya have the opportunity to go to the interview or enter the production crew.

Even if Shi Xiaoya entered the production crew, as long as Lian Qingyin was around, she would surely make things difficult for her.

If he did not settle Lian Qingyin, how could Han Zhuoling be at ease

Shi Xiaoya really wanted to win the opportunity this time around.

Since she wanted to, then he would definitely have to sweep away all these obstacles for her.

Hence, he had personally taken a trip to the US to negotiate with the CEO of Men Xue Films.

He had just finished the negotiation and immediately rushed back.

When he received Xiao Yus call, he and Lu Zeqing had just touched down.

From the airport to the company, and from the company to this location, it took quite a lot of time.

Shi Xiaoya shook her head.

“Why did you come back today”

She knew he went to the US for a business trip, but she actually did not know what exactly he went there to do.

She just thought it was a work matter.

Shi Xiaoya never asked about Han Zhuolings work matters.

So she did not know that Han Zhuoling actually specifically flew to the US to stand up for her.

“I knew you were coming for an interview today, so I rushed to come back.” Han Zhuoling frowned and said, “I heard from Xiao Yu on the way here that you met with a car accident.

Did you injure yourself anywhere”

“Im fine.” Shi Xiaoya shook her head and said, “Its all thanks to Xiao Yu that those two cars did not get their way.

I managed to call the police in time, so the police came, and those two cars then sped off.”

Han Zhuoling nodded.

He had asked about this on his way here and knew that those two drivers had been caught.

But they had not found out who the mastermind behind the incident was.

For some reason, those two drivers simply refused to confess who the mastermind was.

For a simple monetary transaction like this, who knew where the loyalty of those two people came from

He could not bother with the police station just yet and could only wait for the matter over here to be over before he could go over with Shi Xiaoya to take a look..

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