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Chapter 2660: Not Wrong at All

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Montrealle said impatiently, “Since it is already decided, then you should get yourself prepared immediately and do a proper handover to Lu Zeqing.

Then, come back to the headquarters!”

Lian Qingyin had not been the person in charge for very long anyway, so there was not much handover work that needed to be done.

Lian Qingyin was very unwilling.


Montrealle, I would like to know why you asked Lu Zeqing to replace me all of a sudden.

I clearly won, and the company also chose me to be in charge here.

Now, youve let Lu Zeqing come over; what is the meaning of this Is the companys mission a childs play How come it changes so frequently

“I have just made some progress in the work here, and now I am being removed If that is so, then why didnt you let Lu Zeqing come right from the start” said Lian Qingyin angrily.

However, Montrealle was not her father, so he was certainly not letting her have her way.

“I, too, regret not letting Lu Zeqing go and choosing you because of my blindness.

If I had asked Lu Zeqing to go right from the start, then there wouldnt be so many things to deal with.” Montrealle was completely awake now and had simply told Lian Qingyin that.

Lian Qingyin was stunned.

“What do you mean Mr.

Montrealle, what do you mean by that What do you mean by not many things to deal with Since when were there things to deal with”

“Hah.” Montrealle let out a laugh of anger.

His sleep had been disturbed by Lian Qingyin, so his mood was already bad.

Lian Qingyin did not have any self-consciousness.

If it were someone else, they would have packed everything first and asked him what was going on afterward.

But Lian Qingyin was different; she never let go of this issue during the phone call.

“Are you not embarrassed to ask” Montrealle did not try to hide anything from her.

“You want to know You have no idea at all what you yourself did.

Even if I asked Lu Zeqing to replace you because of this, it was not wrong at all.”

Lian Qingyin gritted her teeth.

“What did I do I dont even know what I did wrong to make you remove me.

I have always been very serious in my work and have worked hard for the companys development here.

Because this movie directed by Director Wu Mosen is Men Xues first movie in the country, I took it even more seriously and kept worrying about whether Ive done anything that was not good enough.

I have been working so hard to open up the market in the country for the company, but in the end, I have to be insulted by others, saying that I did something wrong”

“You really think that you did a pretty good job, without any mistakes” On the other side of the phone call, Montrealle sneered.

“Why did you not think about the fact that you angered Han Zhuoling right after you returned to the country.

He was so annoyed that he came to me himself.”

Montrealle said straightforwardly, “Youre so capable; you even made Han Zhuoling talk.

As long as youre there, there is no chance for a partnership between the Han Corporation and Men Xue.

That included this new movie by Director Wu Mosen.

Men Xues production and Wu Mosens fame had attracted a lot of investments.

“Among them, the Han Corporation is the second-largest investor, but as long as youre there, the Han Corporation will not invest,” said Montrealle.

“So the plan to shoot Wu Mosens new movie will go down the drain!”

It did not cross Lian Qingyins mind that Han Zhuoling would use this to threaten to remove her!

Was she so unbearable to look at for Han Zhuoling

She did everything to gain back everything.

Who was it for

But Han Zhuoling still had to chase her away!

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