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Chapter 2663: The Difference

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“If she is so capable, then she can just be the director.

Why am I even needed She has the final say over everything.” Wu Mosen was really angered.

He could still hold it in at first.

Yet after Lian Qingyin had shouted so much, Wu Mosen really did not want to put up with her anymore.

Montrealle knew Wu Mosen.

Wu Mosen would not fly into a rage so easily.

That Wu Mosen had been angered to this state, it was clear that he was not simply wronging Lian Qingyin.

Montrealle then said, “Wu, I didnt expect Liliane to be so excessive.

When she was at our headquarters, her performance had always been quite good.

If not, I wouldnt have sent her to open up the market there.

But now that I know of this issue, I naturally wont allow her to behave unscrupulously.

“Dont worry, from today onwards, Louis will take over her work.

I believe you both will work very well together.

Liliane wont interfere with your filming anymore,” Montrealle said.

“If you have any differing opinions with Louis that cant be resolved, just let me know.”

Wu Mosen would definitely not do that.

And he felt that Lu Zeqing did not look as abnormal as Lian Qingyin.

At least for now, he did not have any personal grudges as Lian Qingyin did.

Wu Mosen ended the call and walked back.

He smiled, extended his hand to Lu Zeqing, and said, “Welcome, welcome.

Lets have a good partnership from now on.”

“I will ask you, Director Wu, to please guide me along.

If you have any requests, please let me know.

As long as I can do it, I will definitely cooperate with you,” Lu Zeqing said, smiling.

Lian Qingyin saw that the two of them seemed to be interacting quite well with each other and had clearly cast her aside.

This difference made Lian Qingyin unable to take it.

Clearly, a few minutes ago, she could still confront Wu Mosen and mess with Shi Xiaoyas future.

Yet now, she just got cast aside!

Wu Mosen and Lu Zeqing were done exchanging formalities.

Although Wu Mosen had gone to the corner of the room to talk to Montrealle, the room was only so big, so he could not have gone too far no matter where he went.

When Wu Mosen mentioned Lian Qingyin, he could not contain his anger, so his voice subconsciously got a little loud.

Hence, everyone had actually heard very clearly what Wu Mosen had said just then.

Of course, that included Lian Qingyin and Lu Zeqing.

Lu Zeqing had heard all of that.

He naturally also learned the reason why Lian Qingyin was confronting Wu Mosen when he first came in.

Lu Zeqing turned to look at Han Zhuoling.

It could be said that a large part of the reason he had been able to replace Lian Qingyin was Han Zhuolings support.

When Han Zhuoling went to discuss with Montrealle, he had also looked for him.

He made it very clear that he would support him getting that position.

Now that he knew Lian Qingyin had been picking on Shi Xiaoya the entire time, Lu Zeqing realized why Han Zhuoling went to look for Montrealle to negotiate and why he wanted to support him and pull Lian Qingyin down.

Lu Zeqing secretly thought that since that was the case, he definitely had to help Shi Xiaoya.

It could be considered a tacit agreement between him and Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling helped him get what he wanted, so he naturally had to return the favor to Han Zhuoling to some extent.

As he thought of that, Lu Zeqing then said to Wu Mosen, “Director Wu, has the interview just now ended”

Wu Mosen smiled and said, “Actually, I think we can end it already.

But Miss Lian was the judge previously, so she had seen the performance of various makeup artists already.

You, however, havent seen them or familiarized yourself with them before, so do you want to take a look”

“Well, theres no need for that,” Lu Zeqing said, smiling..

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