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Chapter 2669: I Think You Have a Guilty Conscience

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Shi Xiaoya nodded.

“Mm, we ended already.

Director Wu and Writer Hu decided to hire me, but they havent confirmed which character I will be taking on.

They still need to go back and discuss it further.”

Han Zhuoling nodded and did not make any comments.

Lu Zeqing suggested at this moment, “Director Wu, the sky has already turned dark now.

Its almost time for dinner too.

Do the two of you have any plans after this If you have no plans later, shall we have dinner together Itll be my treat.

“Its rare that Young Master Ling is here too, along with Miss Shi.

This is my first day at work, so why dont we have a meal together” Lu Zeqing said.

Writer Hu did not mind.

He was going off together with Wu Mosen.

Wu Mosen thought about it and said, “Sure.

What about Young Master Ling and Xiaoya”

Usually, Han Zhuoling would not participate in this type of lively occasion.

But he thought of how Shi Xiaoya would be entering the production crew to work soon.

She would surely be taken care of by Wu Mosen.

So Han Zhuoling asked Shi Xiaoya, “What do you think”

“Ill listen to you.” Shi Xiaoya did not have any opinions.

For such matters, she naturally prioritized Han Zhuolings opinion.

Han Zhuoling nodded and gave a small smile before saying, “Then lets go together.”

The group went downstairs together.

It was also a coincidence that all their cars were parked nearby.

With Han Zhuoling around, Shi Xiaoya naturally did not need to sit in that badly damaged car of hers anymore.

But Han Zhuoling still insisted on going there to take a look, wanting to see how badly her car had been damaged.

Shi Xiaoya was very scared that Han Zhuoling would be angry after he saw it.

She could already imagine Han Zhuolings reaction after he had seen it.

Anyway, she was fine now, so she did not want Han Zhuoling to worry and said, “Theres no need to look at it.

I can just tell Xiao Yu to drive it away.

Its nothing much.”

If other people heard it, perhaps they would think that Shi Xiaoya had a guilty conscience.

That it was actually not a big issue, but she had exaggerated things.

Now that Han Zhuoling wanted to go and take a look, Shi Xiaoya had started to panic.

But Han Zhuoling knew Shi Xiaoya way too well.

She definitely would not lie to others.

Since she was trying to stop him from going to take a look, he thought it might have been very severely damaged.

Since that was the case, all the more Han Zhuoling had to go and take a look.

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He wanted to see how severe the damage was that she did not even dare to let him take a look.

“I think you have a guilty conscience, and thats why you dont dare to let others look!” a sinister female voice interjected.

Everyone turned to look in shock.

Lian Qingyin actually had not left!

She had left earlier but had been waiting here all along.

This woman must be crazy!

Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling were talking, but she suddenly jumped in out of nowhere, which really gave people quite a scare.

Han Zhuolings face fell.

He quickly pulled Shi Xiaoya and shielded her behind him.

Seeing this subconscious reaction from him, Lian Qingyin just felt that her heart broke into pieces.

“Why are you still here!” Guo Yujie said unhappily.

They told her to leave long ago, yet she still stayed here.

This scene looked like a reverse of the situation earlier on.

Previously, because Shi Xiaoya came late, Lian Qingyin had told her to leave.

Yet Shi Xiaoya did not leave and was determined to stay behind.

Didnt Lian Qingyins assistant say the same thing

Yet now, it became Lian Qingyin who was told to leave but refused to do so.

Guo Yujie then asked her the same thing.

When Guo Yujie thought of this, she almost wanted to laugh, but the timing was not appropriate for her to do so.

“I came over to drive my car and leave and just happened to bump into you guys,” Lian Qingyin said coldly.

“Miss Shi keeps stopping you all from going to take a look.

Could it be that her car had not been damaged at all” Lian Qingyin scoffed lightly.

“You made yourself sound so pitiful in front of us earlier, and you even said that Director Wu can go and take a look himself if he did not believe it.

Wasnt that just because you thought that Director Wu wouldnt have the time to go and take a look You are quite bold, actually, daring to lie about anything and everything..”

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