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Chapter 2671: The Pressure Coming from the Man Beside Her Had Already Dropped to a Dangerously Low Level

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So when they heard Han Zhuoling say that, the three of them instantly felt that this had to be done.

How could they still ask them to go and have dinner with them

Lu Zeqing said, “Definitely.

Its actually such a serious car accident.

Why did Miss Shi still think of coming for the interview immediately Situations like these are excusable.

We would have been able to switch to another day to hold the interview.”

“Yes, its better to go and have a checkup so that we can be assured.

We can have dinner anytime.

Anyway, we are all in the country now.

There will be many chances ahead of us,” Wu Mosen said.

“Xiaoya, you are really… a little too serious! Quick, go to the hospital for a checkup so that we can be assured as well.

You met with such an accident just so that you can come for the interview.

If something really happened to you, we would also…” Writer Hu said.

“Im really fine…” Shi Xiaoya said, quickly waving her hands.

She felt her scalp turning numb.

The more they spoke, the more horrible Shi Xiaoya felt her “death” would be later on.

The pressure coming from the man beside her had already dropped to a dangerously low level.

She was trembling from head to toe beside him.

Did the people opposite them not feel it at all

Han Zhuoling turned and glared harshly at Lian Qingyin, then said, “I will definitely get to the bottom of Xiaoyas car accident.

Whoever did it, none of them will be able to get away scot-free.”

Lian Qingyin could not help but shudder.

If it was under normal circumstances, as long as Han Zhuoling took the initiative to talk to her, no matter what he said, Lian Qingyin would be able to imagine a full page of sweet-nothings on her own.

But this time, when faced with Han Zhuolings fierce and vicious stare, although the words he said clearly did not have any serious threats in it and he was just stating a fact…

Lian Qingyin still felt as if every word in his sentence were like razor-sharp ice daggers, piercing right into her heart and seeping right into her blood and bones, with the dagger handles dissolving along with them.

It was painful and cold, making her shudder all over.

Ever since she came back and faced Han Zhuoling, Lian Qingyin had never been scared.

But now, she was really scared and subconsciously started trembling.

Perhaps it was because she had a guilty conscience to begin with, but she was really very scared that Han Zhuoling would go and investigate.

What if… what if he could really find out that she was the mastermind

She really did not have much confidence in Black Market.

And when she saw how Han Zhuoling looked like now… he seemed really bent on getting to the bottom of the matter.

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Lian Qingyin put on a strong front and scoffed coldly, thinking to herself, Why was Shi Xiaoya not dead yet!

How good it would be if she got rammed to death!

She lowered her eyes, her expressions changing rapidly.

She then seemed to grumble in a small voice, “Who knows if this was really the car that got crashed into It might even be possible that she told the driver to purposely crash the car to this extent while driving it by himself.”

Wu Mosen and the others were dumbfounded.

They all turned and looked at Lian Qingyin like she was a madwoman.

Was this person really normal

The cold air pressure around Han Zhuoling suddenly plunged, as if it turned him into an ice shard.

Lian Qingyin shuddered and braced herself to say, “Since I have already seen it, then I will get going first.”

This time, no one stopped her.

But Lian Qingyin was really not walking steadily.

Only she knew that when she was talking, her legs and tummy both felt wobbly and jelly-like.

In Wu Mosen and the others eyes, they could also tell that her steps were a little flurried.

What could scare her to this extent

They could not help but link Shi Xiaoyas car accident to her.

Lu Zeqing and the others did not dare to let Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya stay on any longer.

After all, the car had been damaged too severely, so they still had to let Shi Xiaoya go to the hospital for a checkup quickly.

Han Zhuoling did not stand on formalities with them..

He suggested having dinner another day and brought Shi Xiaoya to leave with him.

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