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Chapter 2681: How Could This Girl Be So Good

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You didnt even remember who she was, and even after you knew her feelings, you rejected her coldly.

She wasnt happy about it and tried to hurt me.

Thats her fault and has nothing to do with you.

“Its her who tried to deal with an insignificant matter.

She didnt think it through and thought that she could get you if I didnt exist.

Even you thought that it was disgusting to be thought about by such a woman.

This trouble was not caused by you.

Let her take the blame for something that she alone did.

You dont need to feel guilty because this has nothing to do with you.”

Han Zhuoling feeling guilty made Shi Xiaoya feel that he had some sort of relationship with Lian Qingyin.

“Okay.” Han Zhuoling smiled.

He hugged Shi Xiaoya tightly.

He let out a long sigh.

How could this girl be so good

Whenever he thought about the fact that she had almost gotten into trouble at a place that he could not see, he shivered in fear.

He almost lost a woman who was this good.

Shi Xiaoya felt how tense he was.

He was so tense that he was shivering.

Shi Xiaoya also hugged him back, as if comforting him.

She tilted her head, wanting to kiss him.

But she saw that Han Zhuoling had buried his whole face into her neck.

Only one ear was revealed.

Strangely, it felt cute.

However, Shi Xiaoyas heart still ached for him.

She did not think that he would have such vulnerable moments.

He looked like a tiger who had hidden itself by covering its face.

Shi Xiaoya could not see his face and could only kiss him on his hair.

She saw his ear and kissed it subconsciously.

Han Zhuoling shivered.

Even his ear shivered.

When he was touched by her soft lips, the numb feeling drilled into his heart from his ear.

Han Zhuolings head was still on Shi Xiaoyas shoulder, but it turned lazily and he finally showed half of his face.

Shi Xiaoya was caught off guard as they were facing each other at a close distance all of a sudden.

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Shi Xiaoya was stunned and held her breath by instinct.

Han Zhuolings hand was placed on the back of her head.

He exerted some force and Shi Xiaoyas face got even closer.

Han Zhuoling raised his head slightly and kissed Shi Xiaoya on the lips.

After the fear he felt in the afternoon, he only grasped the reality that she was fine when she was in his embrace.

Shi Xiaoya was finding it difficult to breathe, but she did not want to push him away.

She only had one thought now.

She hated the fact that she could not be one with him in body.

She only wanted to be buried in his embrace and never be separated.

She hated the fact that she could not be a part that grew on Han Zhuolings body, so nobody could separate them.

She adored this man so much that she could not bear to lose him.

If anyone was to fight with her for him, she would give her own life to win.

In the past, she did not like this feeling.

She had thought that it was akin to losing herself.

Wasnt it just a man

She would not want to fight for a man.

If a man wanted to leave, there was no way to make him stay.

But now, she knew that Han Zhuoling would not leave and would not wrong her.

However, knowing that someone was thinking about him made her angry.

She even had the idea of hiding him so that nobody could see him.

He was so nice, after all..

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