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Chapter 2684: I Dont Like You, I Love You

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If he had not been divorced when he met her, it would have been impossible for the two of them.

But fate was wonderful.

He had been married for so many years and had not met her.

But he was able to meet her after he got divorced.

He thought that it was a rare fate.

It was fate that made him meet her after he got divorced.

It made him single again in order to meet her.

No matter how messy it got, the two of them would always end up together.

Han Zhuoling lowered his head and cherished her as he kissed her hair.

“Thank you for liking me,” said Han Zhuoling quietly.

Shi Xiaoya raised her head and said suddenly in a serious tone, “No, I dont like you.”

Han Zhuoling was stunned.

He did not expect Shi Xiaoya to say this.

However, he did not doubt Shi Xiaoyas heart.

So even if Shi Xiaoya denied it so quickly and so surely, he did not panic.

But he was still curious why Shi Xiaoya did not like him.

How was that possible!

Shi Xiaoya stared at him and kissed his chin.

“I dont like you, I love you.”

This sentence was gentle and smooth and was as light as her voice.

But it also landed heavily on his heart.

Han Zhuoling suddenly turned and pressed Shi Xiaoya down.

Shi Xiaoya was shocked.

“Wh… what You cant do it again!”

Han Zhuoling laughed.

This little girl had just said something so touching, and right after, she made him unsure of whether to laugh or cry.

“I didnt want to do anything,” Han Zhuoling explained resignedly.

“But the confession was done by you, so I am panicking.”

Shi Xiaoya blinked.

What confession

Immediately after, she understood.

She smiled and said, “When we confirmed that we were dating, wasnt it you who confessed to me first So it doesnt matter who did it first.

You already confessed anyway.”

“No,” said Han Zhuoling seriously.

“No matter when, it must be me who confesses first.”

He was being overbearing.

Shi Xiaoya kept quiet and smile stupidly.

Han Zhuoling said with some frustration, “After listening to you, I realized that I have never told you I love you.”

Shi Xiaoya thought that she did not need to hear this sentence.

Because all of Han Zhuolings actions were telling her that.

He was always using his actions to prove that he loved her.

She could see and feel it clearly, so she had never doubted, hesitated, nor felt insecure before.

So obviously, she would not need to keep holding on to him and asking him to express it using words.

Because he had already done everything.

It was more realistic and persuasive than words.

But now that he had said it, Shi Xiaoya realized that she had still been waiting for him to say it.

When he said it, she loved hearing it.

It was touching.

A pair of eyes stared at his face seriously, as if drawing his face through her gaze.

Her eyes were so clear, then tears started flowing out.

“Why are you crying” Han Zhuoling was panicked and kept wiping her tears.

His thumb kept wiping across her face, but it could not wipe her tears dry.

He knew why she cried.

It was because he finally said “I love you.”

This sentence was actually so important to her.

He had been careless and had always been satisfied with how considerate he was..

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