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Chapter 2690: The Marriage Certificate Was Meaningful to Him

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“How did you not recognize them when they were standing right in front of you”

“Youre right.” Older Brother Wang laughed.

“Aiyo, this is breaking news! Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya came to get their marriage certificate!” said Xiao Liu, full of excitement.

Older Brother Wang did not feel the same way.

“Theyre just rich people who came to get their marriage certificate.

Why is it breaking news”

“Haih, you dont know anything,” said Xiao Liu.

“Whenever a member of the eight great families starts dating, its a big deal.

Have you seen any rich person who likes being lovey-dovey as much as them When they do it, people cant take it.

Usually, they never go online, but when they start dating, it is as if their accounts are fake accounts; we have to look at them being all lovey-dovey.

Thats so contrasting to the point where it feels cute.

“I have never seen rich people like them.

All the netizens are waiting for Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya to get married,” said Xiao Liu.

Older Brother Wang laughed.

“The netizens like them so much What if they break up”


Until now, as long as they made their relationships public, members of the eight great families all lasted until the end.

There was nobody who broke up halfway.

They probably made it public only after they confirmed their marriages.

“Older Brother Wang, if you have time, you can watch the show Survivor.

It is said that its the show in which Han Zhuoling pledged his love to Shi Xiaoya.

Whenever the two of them appeared in the show, the scenes are all full of affection.” Once Xiao Liu started talking, he could not stop.

Older Brother Wang smiled and reminded him, “I know youre excited, but you cant tell others about this.

Dont forget, as employees, we cant leak their private matters.”

“I know.

Dont worry,” answered Xiao Liu.

He felt uncomfortable as he could not tell others although he knew such big news.

But he still had to hold it in.

Even if he leaked it out anonymously, if Han Zhuoling was not happy about it and found out, he would not be able to keep this cradle-to-grave job.

It would be too easy for Han Zhuoling to find out about him.

Xiao Liu thought about the consequence and extinguished his passion for gossiping.

He paid attention to every member of the eight great families.

He thought about how much those who were not single anymore, including Han Zhuoling, loved showing off their affection.

Han Zhuoling probably wanted to show off his marriage himself.

If an unrelated person did it first, he would be very mad.

Xiao Liu shivered.

He did not dare to speak about this even more.


Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya entered the car.

After Shi Xiaoya insisted, she drove.

She felt that Han Zhuoling did not even sleep much while they were on the way there.

However, Han Zhuoling could not sleep now; he was too excited.

In his hands lay two fresh marriage certificates.

He saw Han Zhuoli showing it off in his house before.

Han Zhuoling was not unfamiliar with marriage certificates.

After all, he had gotten one before.

However, he did not look at it seriously last time.

That time, a marriage certificate was the same as a scrap paper.

When he got it, he threw it in his drawer and did not feel anything.

And now, to him, it was like he had gotten married for the first time.

Even when he pinched the marraige certificate with the tips of his fingers, it felt hot.

He had an indescribable excitement in his heart.

This time, the marriage certificate was meaningful to him.

Han Zhuoling took a deep breath as he opened the marriage certificate..

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