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Chapter 2692: I Really Want to Knock Some Sense into This Naughty Kid

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Shi Xiaoya was surprised.

“Were not going to the family home first”

After all, the two elders were there; no matter how you looked at it, they should go to the family home first.

“I am marrying the baby girl of your family.

Youre the girl loved by your parents and your older brother, so of course we have to tell them first,” said Han Zhuoling.

“Besides, if we go to the family home, we will definitely have to inform my parents, uncles and aunts, Zhuoli, Lu Man, and Zhuofeng.

Wont father-in-law and mother-in-law be the last to know then We cant do that.”

In the end, they still did what Han Zhuoling said and went to the Shi residence first.

Shi Nancang was still working.

Shi Xiaoya knew that if she did not tell him such big news, he would be angry.

So Shi Xiaoya called Shi Nancang.

But Shi Nancang was currently having a meeting; his phone was on silent and he did not pick up.

Shi Xiaoya gave it a thought and sent Shi Nancang a WeChat message.

“Brother, Ive gotten my marriage certificate.

I am going to Mom and Dads place with Zhuoling to let them know.”

She was afraid that Shi Nancang would blame Han Zhuoling for doing it before informing them, so she added, “I wanted to go to his familys home first, but Zhuoling insisted on going to Mom and Dads place to let them know.”

After sending the message, Shi Xiaoya let out a sigh.

Shi Xiaoya wanted to be cheeky and surprise her parents, so she did not tell them.

She was worried that Shi Nancang would see the message before her parents reached home.

So she sent Shi Nancang another message.

“Dont tell Mom and Dad.

I want to surprise them.”

It really happened the way Shi Xiaoya feared.

After half an hour, they still had not arrived at the Shi familys house.

But Shi Nancangs meeting had already ended.

As he walked out of the meeting room and was turning off the silent mode on his phone, he saw Shi Xiaoyas message.

The moment he saw the message, he swore.

He scared the staff and the managers of the various branches behind him.

“That br…” said Shi Nancang angrily.

He wanted to say brat but thought that it was not suitable as Han Zhuoling was older than him.

So his words got stuck in his throat.

Shi Nancang strode into the office and called Shi Xiaoya.

As soon as Shi Xiaoya picked up, she heard Shi Nancangs fierce questioning.

“Youre so bold now, huh You wont even let your family know beforehand when youre going to get your marriage certificate.

You just went straight away.

You didnt even tell us in advance!”

Shi Xiaoya realized that she had been careless.

However, Shi Nancangs voice was too loud.

Even through the phone, Shi Xiaoyas ear hurt from his voice.

She held her phone farther away.

Only after Shi Nancang had finished shouting did she put the phone back to her ear.

“Brother, sorry.

I was careless.” Shi Xiaoya could not find an excuse.

Its true that they had only decided to do this at midnight yesterday.

If they said that it would not have been convenient to inform them at midnight, it would make sense.

But there had been so much time to do it in the morning, including the time when they were queueing up.

Shi Xiaoya had not even thought of it.

This was indeed her fault.

“Youre really…!” Shi Nancang said angrily.

What was the use of saying sorry now

They had already gotten their marriage certificate; he could not make them divorce now.

“You have gotten the marriage certificate already” Shi Nancang still asked.

Shi Xiaoya nodded.


We just got it.

Its still hot.

Do you want to see”

Shi Nancang was speechless.


He really wanted to knock some sense into this naughty kid.

After getting a definite answer from Shi Xiaoya, Shi Nancang felt like his familys cabbage had been snatched away by a pig..

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