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Chapter 2693: Familys Cabbage Had Been Snatched Away by a Pig

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He was frustrated.

“I dont want to see it!” said Shi Nancang angrily.

“My familys cabbage has been snatched away by a pig.

As if this is not frustrating enough, you sent me a message without even greeting me, saying that you have gotten your marriage certificate.”

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.


“Brother, lower your voice.” Shi Xiaoya turned around to look at Han Zhuolings face.

She saw that he was still smiling, and she let out a sigh of relief.

Perhaps getting the marriage certificate made him really joyful.

“Now youre avoiding me” said Shi Nancang, unhappy.

It sounded to Shi Xiaoya that her own older brother sounded like an unreasonable girl.


Your voice is too loud.

Zhuoling is beside me and can hear everything,” said Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Nancang was speechless.


So the Han Zhuoling whom he had described as a pig had heard everything from the side

“Cough.” Even Shi Nancang felt scared when thinking about Han Zhuoling.

He thought to himself how people really could not keep a mature girl from marrying.

Han Zhuoling was right beside her and could hear him, but she did not tell him that earlier!

Shi Xiaoya held back her laughter, saying, “Were almost home.

Are you coming”

“Wait for me, I am going back now,” said Shi Nancang.

Shi Xiaoya reminded him again, “Dont tell Mom and Dad for now.

Ill tell them myself.

Otherwise, it would sound like I am hiding it from them.”

“Got it,” Shi Nancang agreed and added, “You already know this, so why did you still go and get your marriage certificate without saying anything”

Shi Nancang was not against her gettnig the marriage certificate.

She was already living with Han Zhuoling, and Han Zhuoling had proposed.

The two had gained the approval of both families.

The Shis and the Hans had also met many times.

Even before Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya got married, the two families had already treated each other like family.

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Furthermore, Shi Guanzhong and Du Yiqin had already been treating Han Zhuoling like their son-in-law before Han Zhuoling had even proposed.

After Han Zhuoling proposed, they regarded him even less as an outsider.

They gave Shi Xiaoya to Han Zhuoling with a peaceful heart.

So, he was not against the two of them getting their marriage certificate.

He just felt frustrated that the two of them did not even say anything and just suddenly got their marriage certificate.

Shi Xiaoya knew that she had been unreasonable, so she allowed Shi Nancang to lecture her.

Finally, after Shi Nancang finished, Shi Xiaoya said, “Brother, I understand that I was negligent.”

“Hmph, hmph.” Shi Nancang sneered.

“Think about how youre going to tell Mom and Dad.”

Shi Xiaoya was really worried now.

She hung up.

At first, Shi Xiaoya had been very excited.

But after calling Shi Nancang, she even wanted to make Han Zhuoling drive slower.

Han Zhuoling had heard almost everything from Shi Xiaoyas and Shi Nancangs conversation.

He saw that Shi Xiaoya had a moody expression.

The young lady who was happy and excited before looked moody now.

Secretly, Han Zhuoling remembered Shi Nancang.

After receiving such joyful news today, he had scared Shi Xiaoya.

“Youve got me.” Han Zhuoling held Shi Xiaoyas hand.

“If Father-in-law and Mother-in-law are not happy, let them blame me.”

Shi Xiaoya thought about it.

With Han Zhuoling there, her mom and dad would not dare to do anything.

So, Shi Xiaoya decided to hide like a coward behind Han Zhuoling and let him take all the bullets..

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