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Chapter 2694: Take Off Your Pants to Fart

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After half an hour, they reached the Shi residence.

Han Zhuoling parked the car and both of them went to the entrance.

The lock was a fingerprint lock, and Shi Xiaoya could open it herself.

However, when they stood at the entrace, Shi Xiaoya stopped.

She did not move.

Han Zhuoling waited quietly for her.

Shi Xiaoya said with a conflicted expression, “Im still nervous.”

Her mom was fine.

Given how much Du Yiqin liked Han Zhuoling, even if she was shocked, she would be happy after a while.

The difficult part was her dad.

He would definitely have the same attitude as Shi Nancang.

“Im here,” said Han Zhuoling.

“Its my fault for not informing our elders.”

As for getting the marriage certificate, clearly, there was nothing wrong with it.

From Han Zhuolings perspective, the only wrong thing was that they did not inform the elders beforehand.

Of course, Shi Xiaoya also thought so.

Shi Xiaoya took a deep breath.

She could not avoid it anyway; she had to say it.

Shi Xiaoya opened the door bravely.

The two of them walked to the courtyard.

After walking for a while, they arrived at the door of the house.

Shi Xiaoya unlocked the door once again and the two of them entered.

The sound of the door opening caught the attention of Shi Guanzhong and Du Yiqin, who were already in the house.

Shi Guanzhong was the chairman of the board by name.

He had already left everything in the company to Shi Nancang and had started his early retirement life.

Shi Nancang handled the company very well.

Shi Guanzhong did not need to worry about anything, so he enjoyed life in his house peacefully.

He attended various activities every day and was even in a golf club.

When he had nothing to do, he would go fishing, going as far as T City to fish.

Or he would go on a vacation with Du Yiqin.

They would only choose one city at a time.

No matter if it was overseas or in the country, they would stay there for a month and enjoy their vacation.

There were not a lot of people the same age as Shi Guanzhong who were as laid back as him.

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Most of them were still worrying about their companies.

They did not trust their childrens management and must watch the companies themselves.

Some of their children were really not cut out for it, so they had to deal with it themselves.

Some did not want to give up their authority.

Even if their children were not bad, they were not willing to step down.

From Shi Guanzhongs point of view, in that last scenario where their children were doing great but they still would not let go, werent they being a bother

Besides, as people get older, their judgment would become worse and they would become more stubborn.

In fact, the actual people who would hold back the company would be them.

So it would be better to leave it to the young people.

It was nice to be so laid back every day.

When Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling entered, Shi Guanzhong was examining the new robot that he had just bought.

It was the type of cute little robot that could talk and serve food in hotels.

“Eh, after I am done examining it, let it try serving us meals tonight,” said Shi Guanzhong.

“Let it go to the kitchen.

Once Auntie Zhou is done cooking, have her put the food on the robot and it will send it to the dining room.”

Auntie Zhou heard this from the side and estimated the distance between the kitchen and the dining room.

She thought that going through all this trouble was like taking off your pants to fart.

At that moment, they heard noises from the door.

“Hmm Who came back this time” Du Yiqin felt that it was strange.

She thought that it was either Shi Nancang or Shi Xiaoya.

Because only people from their family could unlock the door.

Indeed, after a while, they heard Shi Xiaoyas voice before seeing her.

“Mom, Dad, Zhuoling and I are back..”

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