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Chapter 2695: Did Not Get into Trouble

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Du Yiqin got up hurriedly and went to the door.

Even Shi Guanzhong stopped examining the robot and got up.

The two of them only managed to go halfway before Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya entered.

“Dad, Mom,” Shi Xiaoya greeted.

Han Zhuoling followed along, “Dad, Mom.”

Han Zhuoling had been calling them that very early on.

Even when he first came back home with Shi Xiaoya, he had been bold enough to call them that.

After a long time, even though the youngsters were not married, Du Yiqin and Shi Guanzhong had gotten used to it.

Every time Han Zhuoling greeted them that way, they would only realize it after answering back.

They thought in their hearts that brainwashing was scary.

“Why did you guys come back at this time” asked Du Yiqin curiously.

“You two dont work anymore”

This was a working hour.

The two were both busy with work usually.

They would not have time during this period.

“Dad, Mom.” Shi Xiaoya smiled sweetly, trying to soften the blow.

How could the couple not understand their own daughter

Her behavior meant that she was guilty of doing something that would anger them.

Ever since she was young, whenever she made them angry or got into trouble, she would behave like a baby beforehand, making them unable to deal with her.

Shi Guanzhong raised his alertness level immediately.

“What Did you get into trouble”

Du Yiqin was clearly suspecting the same thing as Shi Guanzhong.

However, she thought it was weird.

Shi Xiaoya was already so old; ever since she started working up to when she got a boyfriend, she had never really made them worry.

Even though Shi Xiaoya was a little spoiled, she was mature when it came to handling matters.

Even after Du Yiqin burned her brains out thinking, she could not think of any trouble that Shi Xiaoya could have gotten into.

Besides, what trouble could she have gotten into that Han Zhuoling could not protect her from

If even Han Zhuoling could not protect her, that would be like fighting god.

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“Dad,” Shi Xiaoya protested with dissatisfaction.

“Do I look to you like I get into trouble all the time”

Shi Guanzhong chuckled.

“You dont get into trouble often, but when you do, you behave like this.

How can we not know”

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.


“I really didnt get into trouble,” said Shi Xiaoya.

How could getting a marriage certificate with Han Zhuoling be considered getting into trouble

Du Yiqin did not fully trust her and asked, “Then why did you and Zhuoling not go to work and come here today”

Upon her mother mentioning this, Shi Xiaoya felt guilty again.

The expression on her face made Shi Guanzhong and Du Yiqin unable to believe that she did not get into any trouble.

The two prepared their hearts quietly.

They saw that Han Zhuolings expression was not bad; it even had a hint of joy.

The trouble should not be too big.

They thought that Shi Xiaoya could not have gotten into any big trouble.

“Dad, Mom, lets sit down first, okay” said Shi Xiaoya.

“Lets talk after we sit down.

Lets stop standing around.”

Du Yiqin became even more suspicious of her, but she still sat down with Shi Guanzhong.

Shi Guanzhong was more straightforward.

“Youre scared that wed be too surprised that we wont be able to stand on our feet”

“…” Shi Xiaoya did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Impossible! Its really not something bad!”

Listening to her, Du Yiqin was at least a little more relaxed.

They thought that what Shi Xiaoya said was also right.

They could not be talking while standing.

So they all sat down.

“Alright, tell us.

What is it” Du Yiqin asked impatiently.

Shi Xiaoya nudged Han Zhuoling.

Did he not say that he would cover her

Obviously, Han Zhuoling would not back down, so he took out two marriage certificates from his pocket..

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