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Chapter 2704: Someone Smiled Like an Idiot

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This was not enough.

While people were all sending their blessings, before Han Zhuoling could even express his gratitude, he had already posted the picture on his feed.

Wei Zhiqian said, “Zhuoling, you can post this, but did you hide it from my grandmother”

Han Zhuoling sympathized with Wei Zhiqian and sent a picture of a lit candle.

“Its too late.

Before I even posted on my feed, my grandma has already phoned your grandma,” said Han Zhuoling.

“Originally, my grandma just announced it in the group, but your grandma pretended like she wasnt online, so my grandma made a call,” said Han Zhuoling.

Wei Zhiqian had no words.


Everyone said, “Awesome!”

Han Zhuoling looked carefully and saw that Zhao Gushen was also among the “awesome army.”

Han Zhuoling said, “…Zhao Gushen, what are you sayingawesome for My grandma is talking to your grandma now.”

Zhao Gushen felt speechless.

Wei Zhiqian laughed.

“Hahahahaha! Zhao Gushen, you gloated over my suffering.

Youre not doing too well either!”

Wei Zhiqian added, “You keep on sayingawesome! You should light a candle for yourself first.”

Its over.

Wei Zhiqian sent an emoji that was lighting a candle.

“I should pay my respects first.”

Zhao Gushen felt speechless.

Wei Zhiqian was under a lot of shock.

Had he given up

After Wei Zhiqian started this, people started queuing up behind him.

Han Zhuoli said, “Lighting a candle.”

Han Zhuoling said, “Lighting a candle.”

Qi Chengzhi said, “Lighting a candle.”

Everyone behind formed a neat queue.

Qi Chenglin said, “Lighting a candle.”

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After Wei Ziqi, who was the last, finished saying it, he added, “Wifey, come out and light candles for Zhiqian and Old Zhao.”

Wei Zhiqian had no words.


Zhao Gushen felt speechless.

Shi Xiaoya was dying of laughter as she watched.

Her stomach was even hurting from laughing too much.

Han Zhuoling reminded her, “I have already sent mine.

What about your pictures”

“Ah right, I need to post some as well.” Shi Xiaoya had been too busy watching.

“I will just post the one that you took,” Shi Xiaoya said as she saved the picture that Han Zhuoling just posted.

Han Zhuoling said, “Use your own picture.

Its so insincere to save mine.”

Shi Xiaoya thought that it made sense and moved to take a picture.

Unexpectedly, Han Zhuoling said, “Didnt you already take one just now”

Shi Xiaoya thought about the picture in which Han Zhuoling looked a little stupid; she asked, “I can post that one”

She was afraid that he would not allow her to post it because he cared about his self-image.

“That one looks pretty good,” said Han Zhuoling.

Besides, the impression that the picture gave was really good.

With one look, everyone would know that he was happy to be married.

He wanted people to know that he was indeed happy.

Shi Xiaoya also wanted to post this picture, but she was just afraid that Han Zhuoling would mind.

Since Han Zhuoling did not mind, Shi Xiaoya posted the picture onto her feed without hesitating.

“Marriage certificates fresh out of the oven.

Someone smiled like an idiot.”

After this was posted, immediately, the number of notifications in her feed kept increasing.

Shi Xiaoya pressed into it.

People from the workshop were the first ones to like and comment.

Guo Yujie said, “Boss, you are awesome! So the reason you didnt come to the workshop is because you went to get your marriage certificate.”

Qin Zigou said, “I feel like my cabbage has been snatched by a pig.”

Han Zhuoling replied to Qin Zigou, “Thats not your cabbage.

Dont try to act close.”

Shi Xiaoya had also added a few people who were in the same line of work or were artists as her WeChat friends.

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