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Chapter 2727: The Sudden Look on Her Face

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Thank you.

Just help me keep an eye on it,” Lu Man said.

“Let me know if she tries to start over with another account.”

Eight Skin Entertainment responded, “Why Are you targeting her”

Lu Man laughed and answered, “I have been bored recently.

Big Brother and Sister-in-law do not have the time to be bothered with this.

Since I have nothing to do, I might as well show some spite.

I cant allow her to slander my family and leave without taking any responsibility.

If not, anyone could harm our family.”

“Alright,” Eight Skin Entertainment agreed.

“This is a small matter.

I will handle it.”

After giving it some more thought, he added, “Not The Number One Fangirl has lost her future career because of some temporary benefits.”

Unless she changes her career, there would be no chance of her surviving in this media industry.


When the issue online was solved, Han Zhuoling left with Shi Xiaoya.

Lu Man and Han Zhuoli tidied up the area and went back to their room.

“Big Brother really doesnt have it easy.

Something bad always happens,” Lu Man said.

“How and why does he always attract such weird species”

They knew about Lian Qingyin.

Tonight, Han Zhuoling never said who it was.

But they could guess it.

Han Zhuoling did not even do anything.

For no good reason, he attracted Lian Qingyin, the psycho.

Lu Man sighed and was reminded of how Han Zhuoli had caused a lot of trouble for her as well.

There were Dai Yiran and Wang Qianyun.

Dai Yiran was insignificant.

But Wang Qianyun was a psycho too.

Han Zhuoli did not say a word.

He did not understand what was going on.

Why was she suddenly looking at him with such an expression

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“You and your brother cause a lot of trouble.

Your brother had just finished dealing with Xia Yixin, and then came Lian Qingyin, who is even worse.

As for you, back then, there was Wang Qianyun, who was a psycho as well.” Lu Man shook her head as she spoke.

“I am unaware of whether Zhuofeng would attract people like these.” Lu Man clicked her tongue and said, “Looking at things from this perspective, it appears that you all have great potential to attract weird species.”

Lu Man added, “Of course, Xiaoya and I are not in this group of weird species you attract.”

She had to be careful not to accidentally malign herself.

That would be bad.

Han Zhuoli stared at Lu Man.

She did not seem like she had a pregnancy brain.

Her reaction was still speedy.

As a man with a desire to live, Han Zhuoli immediately changed the topic.

“Are you hungry You barely ate.

You rushed back and immediately started dealing with these things.”

But Lu Man did have a pregnancy brain.

If it was before she had gotten pregnant, Han Zhuolis trick of changing the topic would never have succeeded.

However, at this moment, Lu Man rubbed her belly and said, “I do feel a little hungry.”

Han Zhuolis face lit up.

“What do you want to eat I will make it for you!”

Han Zhuoli had bought those pre-prepared meals.

And so, there was no need for him to add spices.

He just needed to follow the steps and cook the food.

The final product was delicious too.

And so, Han Zhuoli fell in love with cooking.

He always felt that Lu Man was having a hard time being pregnant and he finally found a way that he could help.

In addition, he felt accomplished through this.

Who would have thought that the feeling of cooking for his wife could be this good!

Han Zhuoli thought to himself, he needed to find time and actually learn cooking from Auntie He.

Han Zhuoli had really fallen in love with the feeling of feeding Lu Man until she was full.

And so, when she heard that Lu Man was hungry, he immediately felt full of energy.

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