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“Lu Man, we still have some scenes left to film, even though there arent any scenes for you yet, its better for you to stay here at the film set and familiarize yourself more.” Sun Yiwu spoke very politely to Lu Man.

“Since its like that, Ill return now,” Han Zhuoli told Lu Man.

“Why are you in such a hurry Wont you stay here for the night before returning” Han Zhouli had already spent more than half a day by accompanying her here and the sky was almost dark now.

Han Zhuoli really did want to stay, he even wanted to stay in the same room as Lu Man but he

“I have an important meeting tomorrow, so I need to rush back tonight,” Han Zhuoli explained.

“If I knew that earlier, I wont have let you bring me here, Xiao Chen could have brought me, that way you would not have needed to rush back,” Lu Man knew that this mans eyes were probably going to be bloodshot soon.

“If I didnt bring you over myself, I wouldnt have felt relaxed.” Han Zhuoli touched the hair on Lu Mans head.

Lu Man had always felt that she was a very independent woman, but in front of Han Zhuoli, she would always turn into a young girl, relying on him and behaving a girl who was younger than 22 years old.

When Lu Man walked Han Zhuoli out of the film set, Xiao Chen was already waiting next to the car.

“Ill come to see you when Im free,” Han Zhuoli tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear and sighed, “I dont feel safe leaving you here all alone.”

“I wont let myself be bullied, anyway, dont I have you They already know about our relationship and wont dare to bully me,” Lu Man tilted her head and looked at Xiao Chen, who instantly turned around to face his back at them.

Lu Man could not help but smile and walked into Han Zhuolis embrace, raising her head, she rested her lower jaw lazily on his chest, full of reliance.

“Ill miss you, if you can come here to see me, Ill be very happy.

But dont make tire yourself out just because you want to see me.

Dont let it be like today where you brought me over but need to rush back although its already dark.

Only come over when you are really not busy,” Lu Man instructed.

Yet, she felt that this man was probably not even listening.

Of course, Han Zhuoli was not listening, seeing Lu Mans heart ache for him, he just blissed out, his heart feeling warm and itchy.

When he looked at this film crew, he saw that there were many men and few women.

Although he trusted Lu Man, he did not trust those men.

His girl was extremely beautiful, if those men were to fancy her and start bothering her, what was he supposed to do

“Ill leave now.” Han Zhuoli could not bear to part, looking at Lu Mans face, he could not bring himself to move away and lowered his head to kiss her on her lips twice.

“The condition of this place doesnt look very good, if youre missing anything just tell me, Ill instantly have people send it over.

Soon, Ill have people send a heater, an induction cooktop as well as a small pot.

The temperature difference here is quite big here, it will be cold at night, so when youre in the room, if you are not tired, prepare some soup for yourself.”

Han Zhuoli suddenly smacked his forehead.

“How did I not think about it first, no problem, Ill have a cook come over tomorrow so that you wont need to make a soup.

Ill have her make some nourishing soup every day and since you might not be used to the food here, so Ill have her make it according to the B City taste.”

Seeing Han Zhuoli nag, Lu Man felt that he suddenly became an old naggy woman, who was not assured of leaving her here alone.

If it were not for the fact that the meeting tomorrow morning really could not be canceled, he would definitely not leave.

Lu Man smiled brightly as she heard him instruct her about multiple things, and suddenly her white hands grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him down, she then tiptoed and lifted her head to kiss him on the lips.

Han Zhuolis words were cut off, and he raised his eyebrows, how did he not notice before that his girl had such a domineering personality like that of a CEO.


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