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Chapter 2732: I Am Very Doubtful of Your Identities

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Han Zhuoling had known since the start that she did this.

When Lian Qingyin was deep in slumber, her door bell rang.

To avoid Dong Fuyu being credulous and getting persuaded by Lian Qingyin, Lian Shitao had not allowed Lian Qingyin to stay at home.

He had even sent people to follow her every day.

Lian Qingyin could only return to her own house to stay.

Lian Shitaos people would obviously not enter Lian Qingyins house to watch her.

But they would be nearby.

Once Lian Qingyin went out, Lian Shitaos people would know immediately.

Of course, there was still a disadvantage.

For example, today, although Lian Qingyin had stayed at home and never came out, she had caused huge trouble online and dug her own grave.

Lian Shitao did not even know.

Now, when Lian Qingyin heard the door bell, she thought she was dreaming and that the sound came from her dreams.

She turned around and wanted to continue sleeping.

However, the bell kept ringing.

Lian Qingyin finally woke up and realized that she was not dreaming; there was really someone pressing her door bell.

Lian Qingyin frowned, her face full of frustration due to her sleep being disturbed.

But that disturbing door bell sound did not stop for even a moment.

Lian Qingyin rubbed her eyes and let herself wake up.

Then, she got off the bed.

She walked towards the door and looked at the security camera first.

Although the security was good at the place where she was staying, as a single woman, she still had to be careful at midnight.

What if it was someone bad

But when she looked at the security camera, she freaked out.

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At the door stood two policemen.

Lian Qingyin was still not fully awake and felt dazed as she had not slept well.

So she was not able to react.

Only after the bell had rung a few more times did she think of why the policemen were here.

Perhaps it was because of todays matter

But the matter today was not so huge that the police had to come.

Or perhaps…

Lian Qingyin had butterflies in her stomach and felt uneasy as she thought about Shi Xiaoyas car accident.

Lian Qingyins hands and feet were cold.

But did Black Market not promise that it would not be connected to her

She had heard from others that Black Markets reputation had always been excellent.

From their formation until now, nothing had gone wrong.

There were quite a few task failures; after all, this could not be controlled by Black Market.

Some tasks were difficult to complete, so if they failed, nothing could be done.

However, there was not a single time that the failed task was connected to the client.

Those who had prestige had always done dirty dealings through Black Market, but there was not a single one that got into trouble.

Black Market had reputation and power, and they had even given her their promise.

As long as the two people did not want to die, they would not give her up.

So, the two policemen outside should not be coming for her!

Lian Qingyin took a deep breath and turned on the intercom.

“Why are you two here”

The two policemen took out their IDs and placed them in front of the camera to show her clearly.

“Were policemen.

There are some matters that require you to head to the police station to be investigated,” said one of them.

“What matter can make you guys come here at midnight What is it that you cant come in the day” Lian Qingyin was full of suspicion.

“As I am very doubtful of your identities, I cant open this door.”

The police said, “If you dont open the door and go with us, youll be obstructing this investigation, and your crime will be even greater.

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