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When their lips finally separated, Lu Man suddenly licked Han Zhuolis lips.

Han Zhuolis lips were numb for a while, he then suddenly hugged Lu Man tightly.

“Is it that you dont want me to go”

“Of course not!” Lu Man smiled slyly.

“Its to make sure you remember to think of me after you go back.”

“How can I forget you, little vixen,” Han Zhuoli teased, then he lowered his head and kissed her fiercely.

After taking a deep breath, he said helplessly, “I really have to go.

If theres anything, give me a call, dont be scared of troubling me.

Even when Im in B City, I can lend a helping hand.”

“Alright.” Lu Man smiled slyly like a fox.

“Dont worry, with a backing like you, how could I not make use of it”

Han Zhuoli scratched her nose, no matter how much he could not bear to part, he forced himself to leave.

Lu Man kept watching till the car left her vision, only when she could no longer see it, Lu Man returned to the film set.

It was the first time she would be apart from him for so long, and this made her heart feel empty and numb.

Lu Man rubbed her chest.

Before she started dating Han Zhouli, she was alone and had no one for her to rely on.

At that time, she was not this fragile or emotional, it was just that after she started dating Han Zhuoli, relying on him became a habit and now he had become a part of her life that she could not get rid off.

When they were together, she did not feel that way, but now that they were apart, she instantly felt like she was missing something and felt incomplete and lonely.

Only after having sorted out her emotions, Lu Man returned to the set and stood by Sun Yiwus side to learn.

Xu Fenglai, who earlier had misunderstandings towards Lu Man, cleared his misunderstanding and was now very polite to Lu Man.

He hurriedly had people get a foldable chair for Lu Man.

Although such a foldable chair was a very ordinary thing, on the film set, it was only something the eminent actors could use.

The fact that the rest of the actors had benches was already quite good.

“Alright, stop! Take a break!” Sun Yiwu yelled.

“Director Sun!” Just then, a clear and delicate voice was heard.

“Shuangshuang, youre here, is your makeup done” Sun Yiwu asked.

The stylist at the side nodded.

“Everything is done.”

“Alright, then after Xiao Yu finishes resting, as the next scene is of you two, you can go find him to practice first.”

“Alright,” Bai Shuangshuang delicately replied, and before leaving, she took a look at Lu Man, and then went to find Yu Yanshu.

Holding the script, Yu Yanshu was reading the next show.

His assistant gave him a bottle of water and put an electric heater beside his legs for warmth.

“Brother Yu.” Bai Shuangshuang walked over, used her lower jaw to point towards Lu Man.

“Whos the person sitting next to Director Sun Ive never seen her before! Shes sitting in such a good seat and event next to Director Suns side, doesnt only Brother Zhang has such good treatment”

“It seemed like shes the new third female lead taking over Lan Jiexins place,” Yu Yanshu explained.

Bai Shuangshuang made an unhappytch sound, “Shes just the third female lead, doesnt she know the rules Shes sitting next to the director, Brother Zhang hasnt even left yet! That too shes even sitting on such a big chair!”

It had always been like that while filming, although the foldable chairs were not worth much money, not anyone could sit in it.

It was according to a persons importance and position, only the main lead could occupy that seat, moreover, it was a special seat, even if the main lead was busy shooting a scene, leaving the chair empty, no one else could have that seat.

Yu Yanshu took a look at Bai Shuangshuang and instantly knew what she was thinking, thus he then kindheartedly said, “She has some good background, just now she was brought over here by Young Master Han of the Han Corporation himself.”

When Bai Shuangshuang heard that, she was shocked.

“What Shes Young Master Hans Mistress Ive never heard of it before! Isnt it that Han Zhuoli has never got close to any female celebrities before Ive never heard of him getting close to anyone.”


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