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Chapter 2738: The Morning After Marriage

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“Very good.” Han Zhuoling nodded.

He closed his eyes and said, “Lets wait until tomorrow.

At two in the morning, spread the news to Black Market, saying that Lian Qingyin could not stand the interrogation and has given Black Market away.”


After hanging up the phone, Han Zhuoling hugged Shi Xiaoya.

“Okay, now we can sleep peacefully.”

They did not need to go to work as well as it was Saturday.

He and Shi Xiaoya needed to replenish their sleep.

Shi Xiaoya was half-awake and did not hear everything just now.

After she heard Han Zhuoling say that, she asked, “Weve settled everything today”


Now, well just have to wait until tomorrow midnight,” said Han Zhuoling.

If he wanted to make Black Market believe that Lian Qingyin had sold them out, he could not rush it.

After all, Lian Qingyin was not an idiot; she would not betray Black Market in such a short time.

It would be more persuasive to say that Lian Qingyin could not hold out until the end of the interrogation and spilled the beans about Black Market after being tortured.

Black Market would not fall for it easily, but Han Zhuoling had set Black Market up by catching Lian Qingyin.

According to Black Markets way of doing things, they would rather kill the wrong person and not let anyone go.

Naturally, everything would go the way he wanted.

“Mhmm.” She didnt know what Han Zhuoling wanted to do.

However, seeing that Han Zhuoling had set this up patiently, worrying that the effect would not be great was useless.

But one thing was certain.

Lian Qingyin definitely would not have a good ending.

With Han Zhuolings personality, everything was to be done quickly and resolutely.

Todays revenge could not be dragged past midnight.

But Lian Qingyin could make Han Zhuoling plan for two days, so Shi Xiaoya had already lit a candle for Lian Qingyin in advance.

Han Zhuoling saw that after Shi Xiaoya made that sound, she did not say anything else.

He felt weird.

“Are you not going to ask me what I want to do”

Why did she just finish with an “Mhmm” sound

Was she not curious at all

Shi Xiaoya yawned and buried herself into Han Zhuolings embrace.

Her voice was filled with sleepiness and she became even more vulnerable.

“You wont let Lian Qingyin off the hook anyway, so I wont waste my time thinking.

Ill know the result when the time comes,” said Shi Xiaoya sleepily.

“How can I worry about the things you do”

Han Zhuoling chuckled as he looked down at Shi Xiaoyas adorable look, wanting to crush her into his bones.

Han Zhuoling lowered his head.

Not being able to hold back anymore, he found her lips and kissed her despite how tired she was.

Shi Xiaoya was suffocating from the kiss and she woke up.

When Han Zhuoling let her go, Shi Xiaoyas eyes were wide open and looked frozen.

It was as if he did not know that she was sleeping soundly.

He just started kissing like a maniac.

Han Zhuoling laughed.

How could this little girls reaction be so cute

If it was not for the fact that she was too tired, he would have gone for her.

“You woke me up by kissing me,” said Shi Xiaoya, feeling wronged.

Was this man going to let her sleep

When Han Zhuoling heard this, his face glowed.

“Not tired anymore Then lets compensate for the night of our marriage, shall we”

Han Zhuoling saw that the sky outside was already bright and said, “Its the first morning after our marriage.”

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.


What first morning after their marriage!

“I am not awake, I am tired!” Shi Xiaoya shut her eyes and rolled into Han Zhuolings embrace.

He had woken her up anyway with the kiss, so he decided to explain to her..

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