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Chapter 2739: My Husband Is So Witty

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Shi Xiaoya not listening was one thing.

He could still take the initiative to say it.

He should let her know everything.

Han Zhuoling explained, “Lian Qingyin ordered a task through Black Market.

The two men took on the task created that car accident.

Now, the two men have been caught, but they dont dare to say anything because of Black Market.

“Following Wei Wucais investigation, I have talked to Mo Jingcheng, asking them to take Lian Qingyin to the police station in the name ofassisting investigation. With Wei Wucais evidence, Lian Qingyin definitely could not escape.

“However, I still think that this is not enough for her, so I want to leak news and make Black Market think that Lian Qingyin has given Black Market away.

When that time comes, even if she goes to jail, Black Market will not let her off the hook.”

Shi Xiaoya thought that Han Zhuoling really did not want to let Lian Qingyin have an easy time.

She nodded.

“My husband is so witty.”

Han Zhuoling shivered from this.

He hugged Shi Xiaoya tightly.

“Your compliment sounds a little unconcerned.”

“I am concerned.” Shi Xiaoya laughed.

“Youre not careless in dealing with Lian Qingyin, and I am very happy about that.”

Han Zhuoling smiled.

This little girl knew how to sweet-talk.

He planted two kisses on the corner of Shi Xiaoyas eyes, then he closed his eyes.

“Lets sleep.”

The two slept until noon.

Shi Xiaoya woke up first.

She saw that Han Zhuoling was still sleeping, so she did not call him.

Han Zhuoling had dealt with things for almost the whole night.

She was accompanying him, but in the end, Shi Xiaoya actually fell asleep.

So she actually slept more than Han Zhuoling.

She woke up earlier than Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuolings arm was wrapped around her waist.

Shi Xiaoya did not dare to simply move so she could avoid waking him up.

She tested the water by moving slightly.

When she saw that Han Zhuoling did not wake up from this, she knew that Han Zhuoling was really sound asleep.

Shi Xiaoya looked at him silently with pity.

In the past, Han Zhuoling did not sleep much, but they were not close then, so she had not dared to look at him closely.

She only took a quick glance and did not dare to look any further.

So during that time, she did not see whether there were dark circles around his eyes.

Now, she would look closely at Han Zhuolings face.

She had no choice as his face looked so good.

She could not have enough no matter how much she looked.

She was like many girls who followed their idols and drowned in the idols looks, unable to help themselves.

It was all because they looked handsome.

And Shi Xiaoya thought that it was convenient for her.

Her husband was her idol.

She was so blessed to be able to see such a handsome face every day.

And it was a face that could not be seen by others even if they wanted to.

So Shi Xiaoya always smiled and looked at Han Zhuoling when she had nothing to do.

However, most of the time, she only dared to do this when Han Zhuoling was asleep.

Because if Han Zhuoling was awake and she looked at him like that, Han Zhuoling would assume that she was seducing him.

He would definitely make a move on her without saying another word.

So when Han Zhuoling was awake, Shi Xiaoya was not bold enough to do that.

But now, Han Zhuoling was sound asleep.

The two lay on their sides, facing each other.

They were extremely close.

Even their breaths were mixed together.

Han Zhuolings breath kept blowing on Shi Xiaoyas lips.

Now, she could see the dark circles under Han Zhuolings eyes.

He really was not resting well.

The top of the dark circles were covered by his long eyelashes, forming a vague shadow that made the color below his eyes seem even darker..

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