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Chapter 2740: Empty

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He was exhausted.

Shi Xiaoya stared at him quietly for a while.

She wanted to kiss him but was worried that she might awaken him with the kiss.

She suppressed the thought and slowly moved away the hand that was on her waist before getting up quietly.

Shi Xiaoya then closed the bedroom door and washed up in the bathroom outside, worrying that she might make a lot of noise and wake Han Zhuoling up.

After she had tidied herself up, she started preparing food.

She washed and cut the ingredients.

And now, she just needed to wait for Han Zhuoling to wake up.

Coincidentally, once Shi Xiaoya had prepared everything, Han Zhuoling woke up.

He had the habit of pulling the person sleeping beside him back into his arms.

This was what he would do every morning before he would even open his eyes.

After all, people normally turn when they have fallen asleep.

Han Zhuoling had barely woken up and felt terrible as there was nothing in his arms.

Normally, he would get a warm and nice hug.

However, this time, even after stretching his arms and searching everywhere on the bed with his eyes closed, he couldnt touch Xiaoya.

Eventually, Han Zhuoling opened his eyes.

He looked and saw that the space beside him was empty.

He felt cold in this hot summer.

“This girl woke up early,” Han Zhuoling said before he sat up.

He lowered his head and rubbed his face with his hands before he became fully awake.

He then washed up.

He changed out of his pajamas and into more comfortable house clothes before leaving the bedroom.

He then went downstairs.

There was no sight of Shi Xiaoya in the living room.

He then heard a noise in the kitchen and followed the sound.

At this moment, Shi Xiaoya had prepared the ingredients.

She had washed and cut everything.

Shi Xiaoya still had her back facing the door.

While she was not prepared, Han Zhuoling took a step forward and held her from behind.

Shi Xiaoyas height only reached Han Zhuolings chin.

Her entire body was wrapped up in his arms.

It felt good to have her completely in his arms.

She was just too skinny.

Even when he had her completely in his arms, Han Zhuoling still felt unsatisfied.

He lowered his head and buried his face into her hair, sniffing the scent of it.

Her hair smelled very good.

They used the same shampoo and conditioner.

It should have the same smell as his hair.

However, the smell of her hair was just very different.

He also loved the scent of her body.

Shi Xiaoya was startled.

However, they were the only two in the house.

Therefore, Shi Xiaoya was startled for a second before she relaxed again.

Even when she tilted her head slightly, she barely saw half of Han Zhuolings face.

“Why are you awake so early” Shi Xiaoya asked.

Han Zhuoling didnt wear his watch at home.

However, he had checked the time when he woke up.

And so, he said, “It is already noon.

It is not early anymore.

The first day of our marriage was unpleasant.

We must not sleep away the second day of our marriage.”

As he spoke, she could smell the minty scent of his breath.

It felt good.

Shi Xiaoya stood on her toes, but she still couldnt reach his lips.

And so, she pouted her lips at him.

Han Zhuoling immediately understood and he lowered his head to kiss her.

The angle that Shi Xiaoyas head had turned made her feel slightly uncomfortable.

Han Zhuoling then held her waist and rotated her.

And now, she was facing him.

Han Zhuoling held her and spun around, letting her lean on a clean bar counter before he lowered his head and went in for another kiss.

Shi Xiaoya did not even know how she was eventually held and placed on the bar counter.

“Should we go back to the room” Han Zhuoling said in a hoarse voice.

Shi Xiaoya felt her ears burning hot.

When she heard what Han Zhuoling said, her mind went blank.

It was noon and it was hot outside.

Even with the curtains drawn, it was still bright in the house.

Shi Xiaoya felt very embarrassed.

“We just woke up,” Shi Xiaoya said in a soft and weak voice.

“What well be doing in the room has nothing to do with sleep anyway.” Han Zhuoling chuckled and said, “It has to do with doing you.”

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.


Was this man saying a sex joke

Shi Xiaoya was so flustered that she did not know what to do.

At this moment, someones stomach growled.

The two looked down.

Shi Xiaoya realized that it was her stomach that growled.

Han Zhuoling chuckled and asked, “Are you hungry”

As of now, Shi Xiaoya could not even bother with the embarrassment caused by the punny joke.

She let out a sigh of relief and answered, “I just prepared the ingredients.

I was going to make lunch before you woke up.”

Han Zhuoling sighed and placed her down sadly.

“Then we can eat first…”

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself, was this man planning to complete the wedding night that they had missed right now

“Then, what about tonights…” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Tonights what” Han Zhuoling teased, asking as if he had no idea what she was going to say.

Shi Xiaoya knew that he was teasing her.

She sulked and ignored him.


“I dont care if you want it or not!

“I am not the one worrying about this anyway.”

When Han Zhuoling saw this, he immediately stopped while things were still good..

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