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Chapter 2743: Whereabouts

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There were times when Han Zhuoling would not need to work overtime.

However, Shi Xiaoya could not bear seeing him work so much.

And so, whenever he could rest, they stayed home.

Shi Xiaoya thought that the location did not matter as long as the two were together.

A date could happen anywhere.

A movie date or a dinner date outside could only be blissful if they were together.

If that was the case, then a date at home would be blissful too.

As long as Shi Xiaoya was with him, she felt happy.

The location did not matter.

From her perspective, a date happened so that two people could become even more emotionally intimate.

And so, most of the time, when the two had no work, they would have a date at home.

Shi Xiaoya would cook for Han Zhuoling and the two would do anything at home.

A meal at home was easy and comfortable.

Not like in a high-class restaurant, in which you werent allowed to talk loudly and could only restrain yourself and whisper.

The two could watch shows and talk while they ate.

However, the two had just gotten their marriage certificates.

And obviously, they needed to celebrate.

They did celebrate with the older relatives yesterday.

Today, they were going to celebrate with a date.

They had no work yesterday and it was relaxing.

It was not busy this weekend.

All they needed to do was to deal with Lian Qingyin at midnight.

Since they had time, Han Zhuoling thought it would be good to go on a date.

Shi Xiaoya placed all the bowls and chopsticks in the dishwasher.

While she was tidying up the kitchen, Han Zhuoling secretly went to the office.

He found an authentic French restaurant with a good atmosphere and reserved a table there.

Tonight, he was going to celebrate this new marriage with Shi Xiaoya.

It would just be him and her.

After he had booked a table, he went out and saw that Shi Xiaoya had finished tidying up the table.

She did not know where Han Zhuoling had gone, but she did not ask.

Although a couple should be honest with each other and not hide anything, it was not necessary to say every little thing.

For example, if one went to the bathroom and came back, did they have to report that they had gone to the bathroom

That would be too much.

“Did you think about where to go” Han Zhuoling asked Shi Xiaoya.

Han Zhuoling was never really interested in playing and having fun since he was young.

While kids were going to the amusement park for some rides suitable for kids or to the arcade in the mall, Han Zhuoling would rather learn another language and study the foundation while he was still young.

When he became older and reached his teenage years…

All the teens loved to go to the KTV and the cybercafe.

As for the teenage Han Zhuoling, he would rather invest the money that Lin Liye had given him into the stock market.

It did not matter whether he had lost or won.

It was all for the sake of practice and gaining experience.

When he was in college, people his age were dating, playing games all night, or participating in basketball games.

As for Han Zhuoling, he participated in all kinds of sports and had started doing tangible investments in all kinds of fields.

Therefore, Han Zhuoling had never had fun and was never good at it.

If you asked him to sing some trending songs in a KTV, he wouldnt be able to sing any completely.

Not to mention his knowledge and skills for those popular games.

Back then, when he was cast in Survivor, he played two rounds of PUBG with Shi Xiaoya.

He immediately got the hang of it.

As you can see, it was not that Han Zhuoling was not good at playing games.

If he spent the time to learn it, he could play it well.

He just didnt have the time nor the attention for it..

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