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Chapter 2744: Untitled

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And now, Shi Xiaoya suggested that they go on a date.

Han Zhuoling froze when he heard it.

He then realized that he couldnt come up with anything else but the movies and food.

While he was asking Shi Xiaoya, he searched up some trending movies out in the theaters, only to find that there werent any movies with good reviews.

The movies in theaters right now either had bad quality or were just made to earn money.

The last choice was a melancholy literary film.

Actually, there was no need to search this up.

After all, the Han Corporation was a company in the media and film industry.

Han Zhuoling himself had no recollection of any recent movies that were worth watching.

There were some low-quality movies made jokingly by some small production teams, and he had no idea about those movies.

Shi Xiaoya also did not know the answer to Han Zhuolings question.

She was not even as experienced as Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling was much older than her and had seen more of the world than her.

For Shi Xiaoya, Han Zhuoling was basically her first love.

She then married her first love.

As she thought about it, she realized that it was quite sweet.

Shi Xiaoya had no good ideas about what to do for a date.

“I dont have much experience.

Wait, I will ask,” Shi Xiaoya said as she took out her phone and sent Guo Yujie a WeChat message.

When Han Zhuoling saw this, he was brought to a moment of realization.

True! He might not know, but he could ask someone!

He must have been struck to dumbness by the joy of marriage that he had forgotten about such a simple thing.

Han Zhuolings first thought was to ask Tong Chunian.

However, Tong Chunian was now busy dealing with Lian Qingyin.

Han Zhuoling thought about it and decided that he would not give more responsibility to Tong Chunian.

He then sent a message to the 8864 group chat, asking, “What can you do for a date Something thats not seeing a movie and eating.”

Wei Zhiqian replied, “Yo! Let me check outside the window.

Did the sun just rise from the west Did red rain just fall from the sky Brother Ling actually asked about what to do for dates!”

Han Zhuoling replied, “…Single dogs should not come out and embarrass themselves.”

Wei Zhiqian had no words.


Its becoming more and more hostile for singles.

How could they scold people!

Han Zhuoling responded, “I, your brother, had just gotten my marriage certificate.

I am now a man with a wife.”

Wei Zhiqian replied, “…I know.

I know.

You dont have to show off.”

Han Zhuoling had said it in the group chat yesterday and he just mentioned it again.

Was he never going to stop talking about it

In addition, Wei Zhiqians grandma had visited him to scold him today!

Wei Zhiqian did not live in the Wei Family home.

He thought he could just avoid his grandma for a few days.

Who would have thought that Old Mrs.

Wei would know exactly what he had planned!

Today, she went to his home to find him!

It was supposed to be a rest day for him, which rarely happened.

He was going to sleep late at home.

He was home by himself anyway and could do anything.

And so, he did not get out of bed and was just chatting on the bed.

Yet, a pleasure so great resulted in sadness.

Indeed, a huge trouble fell on him out of nowhere.

He was still chatting when his grandma suddenly came in with a feather duster and started recklessly beating him.

While this was happening, he thought to himself, how fortunate it was that he usually slept with his pajamas on and was not in the habit of sleeping naked.

Otherwise, it would have been so embarrassing when Old Mrs.

Wei barged in.

“Grandma! I am an adult! How can you simply barge into my room!” Wei Zhiqian had wrapped himself in his blanket as he asked this pitifully.

Old Mrs.

Wei did not normally behave this way.

She barged in because what happened yesterday made her too angry.

“Even if you are very old, you are still my grandson!” Old Mrs.

Wei scolded as she shook the feather duster..

“Arent you embarrassed to call yourself an adult If you are an adult, why dont you do some things that adults do! Why dont you go dating”

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