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Chapter 2746: What Kind of Vibe

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Shi Xiaoya liked it a lot.

She was just busy with work and had no time.

In addition, it was no fun to go to an amusement park by herself.

It would only be fun to go with friends.

However, the amusement park that she wanted to go to was far away, and it was very difficult to get a group together.

When Guo Yujie reminded her of this, Shi Xiaoya almost slapped herself on the leg.


She could get Han Zhuoling to go with her!

She was single before and had had no one to accompany her.

But now, not only was she not single, she had even become someone with a husband!

What could she possibly want to do Obviously, she wanted her husband to stay by her side!

Such a day was rare and this was a good opportunity.

Shi Xiaoya said to Guo Yujie happily, “Okay.

I get it!”

Guo Yujie blinked.

What could she possibly be getting

“I will ask Zhuoling to take me to the amusement park for a date,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Guo Yujie felt speechless.

Han Zhuoling being seen in an amusement park What kind of vibe would this give

Guo Yujie felt herself running out of imagination thinking this.

Shi Xiaoya locked her phone and stared at Han Zhuoling with a smile.

Han Zhuoling lifted his eyes from his phone screen and saw Shi Xiaoyas smiley face.

Immediately, he was overcome by this ominous feeling.

Then, he heard Shi Xiaoya ask with a smile, “Did you think about where to go”

Seeing her expression, Han Zhuoling knew that she had an idea.

He then asked, “What about you Do you have any ideas”

Initially, if Shi Xiaoya had no thoughts or ideas…

They would then visit the hot springs.

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Who would have thought that Shi Xiaoya would say the following! “Can we go to the amusement park”

Han Zhuoling was speechless.


Earlier, Qi Chengzhi had just mentioned that the amusement park was a place that parents went to with their kids.

He had never expected that Shi Xiaoya would make this request.

“There is a theme park located at the outskirts of the city.

There are only five of these amusement parks in the world and the fifth one is located here.

I have been wanting to go,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“But it felt weird to go alone and I didnt have anyone to go with me.”

Although Shi Nancang showered her with love, they were part of different social circles.

Plus, she felt embarrassed to drag her brother to the amusement park with her at this age.

“Therefore, I had never been there since its opening,” Shi Xiaoya said.

However, Han Zhuoling had never been to any amusements parks, not to mention this theme park.

“Please! Can you please go with me” Shi Xiaoya held Han Zhuolings wrist and shook his hand back and forth.

She lifted her finger and gestured the number 1.

Its just an amusement park.

Its no big deal.

Han Zhuoling nodded as he responded, “Sure.”

Shi Xiaoya was so happy that she pounced onto his arms and gave him a kiss.

The two changed their clothes and left the house.

The theme park was huge.

If a visitor truly wanted to have fun, they would need two whole days to try all the rides.

As for Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya, they left the house at noon.

And so, they wouldnt be able to try everything.

However, Shi Xiaoya just wanted to enjoy the feeling of being in an amusement park.

She never had the goal of trying a certain number of amusement park rides.

And so, it did not matter.

However, because this theme park was truly too popular, one would need to line up for two hours to try out the popular rides.

The unpopular amusement rides would have a shorter queue, and it would usually take forty to fifty minutes.

Fortunately, a visitor could buy a fast-track ticket at the official website.

Therefore, Shi Xiaoya opened up the official website while they were on the way there.

The official website provided the choices of fast-track tickets for two rides, four rides, or seven rides..

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