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Chapter 2757: You Make the Call

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The staff could only laugh.

Whenever they see their customers being scared like this, they felt sorry for them.

The whole team went out together.

“Ah, being outside is so nice.

The smell of sunlight is so good.”

“You can smell the sunlight!” the boyfriend teased her.

“Will you suffer if you dont hate on me for one day!”

After coming out from the jumpscares, they finally recovered.

They had all felt scared to death inside.

But once they came out, they felt that being inside was not too bad!

It was actually not that scary!

Shi Xiaoya was still being carried by Han Zhuoling, so she whispered to him, “Put me down.”

Han Zhuoling put her down.

Shi Xiaoyas legs did feel like jelly, and Han Zhuoling had to hold her.

Under the sunlight, everyone could finally see each others faces clearly.

When they were queuing up, it had also been really dark, so none of them noticed…

Then, a girl said, full of surprise, “You two… you two look so familiar!”

“Brother, you look like Han Zhuoling.

Has anyone told you that”

Another girl said, “Are you Shi Xiaoya I have watched your makeup videos.”

Shi Xiaoya did not expect to be noticed by people even though they were not considered celebrities.

“Yes, its definitely you guys.

I just used Weibo! You said in Weibo yourself that youre here,” said a girl, full of excitement.

Shi Xiaoya did not have the burden of a celebrity, who needed to deny it when being noticed by people.

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“Oh my goodness! Its really you guys.

What a day! I could meet you guys, and we even queued up and played in the haunted house together.

So lucky.”

“Your relationship is so good!” said another girl.

“Oh right, youre newlyweds.

May you guys be happy in your marriage!”

“Yes, yes, yes.

May you guys be happy in your marriage.”

The others also spoke one by one.

The four boys did not pay attention to entertainment news usually, but they were also people who surfed the web, so they knew Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya.

Suddenly, they felt like they had just met someone famous and were really excited.

One of the girls said shyly, “Um… can we take a group picture with you guys”

Shi Xiaoya turned around and looked at Han Zhuoling, asking for his opinion silently.

Han Zhuoling smiled slightly.

“You make the call.”

Shi Xiaoya saw how excited they looked so she could not reject them.

“Want to let me take one for you guys first” asked Shi Xiaoya.

“No, no, no.

We want to take a picture with the two of you,” said a guy.

“Let me take one for you guys first.”

The boyfriend of a girl said, “When youre done, I will help you so you can be in the picture.”

And so, everyone took a few group pictures.

The boys even exchanged WeChats and sent each other the pictures.

Unexpectedly, though they only entered the haunted house together out of coincidence, they were able to become friends.

The others did not want to continue to disturb Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya.

They knew that they were newlyweds out on a date.

So they bid them farewell hurriedly.

However, a short while after separating, Shi Xiaoya found out that they had posted the pictures online.

“Saw on Weibo that Young Master Ling @Han Zhuoling and Xiaoya @Shi Xiaoya are here, but the theme park is huge so I didnt expect to meet them.

Who would have thought! Who would have thought we could really meet them!”

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