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“Its because Lu Man lent a helping hand, if it was not for Lu Man, we would not have been able to start filming today,” Xu Fenglai said in a low voice, “Bai Shuangshuang, dont make things worse, if you cause Director Sun to come here, then at that time, it wont be good for you.

Lu Mans filming schedule for these days is completely set by Director Sun.”

Bai Shuangshuangs hand dropped down and her facial expression changed.

She had really underestimated Lu Man.

Xu Fenglai then helped Lu Man check-in.

Sun Yiwu told Lu Man, “Regarding your scenes that will shot tomorrow, as long as you come before noon itll be fine, although your scenes are in the afternoon, we need work on your makeup and hair styling.

Tomorrow, the filming will be on the temple on the mountain.”

Lu Man then bade goodbye to Sun Yiwu and returned to the room, where she found that the heater that Han Zhuoli was talking about had already been prepared by the hotel.

Lu Man gave Han Zhuoli a call, but her call could not connect through, probably Han Zhouli was still on the airplane.

Thus she could only send Han Zhuoli a message, to tell him that everything was good here.

Looking at the time, Xia Qingwei was also asleep already, so she also sent a message to Xia Qingwei, telling her not to be worried.

The next day, Sun Yiwu specially had his assistant He Mengmeng fetch Lu Man from the hotel.

The small city was not big and there was only one temple.

After they left the hotel, they could see the temple on the mountain.

Lu Man followed He Mengmeng to the bottom of the mountain and since the mountain was not high, there was no ropeway.

Also, the people in the small city in South Yunnan were all very devoted, everyone who came was on foot, climbing up the mountain to the temple.

There were stone staircases on the mountain.

By the time Lu Man and He Mengmeng managed to climb halfway up the mountain, He Mengmeng was already so tired that she was panting.

“The rest of the crew climbed up in the early morning to start filming, the older brother who is in charge of filming even had to carry the heavy equipment, and the gaffers in charge of lightning had to carry the big lights.

I really do not know how they managed to climb up there, even when Im climbing without carrying anything, Im already so tired.”

Taking out her phone, Lu Man looked at the time, “We still have quite a lot of time, do you want to rest for a while”

He Mengmeng shook her head.

“Nevermind, Im scared that once I rest, I wouldnt want to continue climbing up.”

“Then lets strive on.”

Seeing that Lu Man was not at all out of breath, He Mengmeng asked in shock, “Dont you feel tired”

“I normally train my body, so I feel that its still alright,” Lu Man raised her head to see how much higher they had to climb.

“I saw the filming schedule, we have to film up there for quite a few days, can you continue doing it if youre like this”

He Mengmeng sighed.

“I dont have any other way, Im in this line, so no matter how much I cry I still have to continue climbing up.”

Lu Man grabbed He Mengmengs arm.

“Ill pull you, itll make it easier for you.”

He Mengmeng was shocked.

“Miss Lu, youre really nice.

Honestly, Ive never seen such a celebrity before.”

“Im not a celebrity,” Lu Man smiled and said.

After the two had climbed for a while, Lu Man was shocked to see the two people sitting on the stairs in front.

An old lady was sitting down, and next to her was a middle-aged lady with outstanding aura but who looked very cold.

The two of them did not look like they were people from the small city, while what they were wearing was clean and simple clothes, they did not look cheap.

Moreover, their aura indicated that they did not belong to this small city, and instead, they seemed to belong to an old, rich, aristocratic family.

That old lady was pressing the heel of her foot, calling out “aiyo aiyo,”.

When she saw Lu Man and He Mengmeng walk over, she took a look at Lu Man, before lowering her head to press on her foot again, “Aiyo, aiyo.”

While the old lady was lowering her head to press her foot, her arm secretly hit Shen Nuos leg.

Shen Nuos eyes twitched, then with a poker face, she looked at Lu Man.


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