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Chapter 2758: A Reasonable Rating

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“They entered the scary hospital event and even formed a team with us to enter the haunted house.

When we were queuing up, we did not notice it was them as it was too dark inside.

After entering the haunted house, we were so scared that we still couldnt notice.

We only found out after coming out.

Oh my goodness, the brother and sister who played in the haunted house with us were actually Young Master Ling and Xiaoya.

So happy! The two of them were super nice.

They easily agreed to take a group picture with us.”

Below the post were the group pictures of them.

“Wow, youre so lucky.

Do you want to consider buying lottery tickets You hit such a small probability.”

“Xiaoya is so sweet.

Young Master Ling still doesnt smile, but he looks gentle.

I must be dazzled.”

The blogger replied, “Hahahaha, Young Master Ling is super nice to Xiaoya.

When we asked for pictures, we thought that it wont be possible.

Young Master Ling looked serious and did not like to take pictures.

But when Xiaoya asked for his opinion, he told Xiaoya straight away that she could make the call.

My goodness, that scene was a public display of affection and was so sweet.”

The other couple in the team also posted the pictures on Weibo and added, “When were in the haunted house, we did not notice Young Master Ling at all.

Young Master Ling looked very cold usually, but he was actually easy to get along with.

Especially in the haunted house, he was extremely dependable.

When we couldnt find the exit and did not know where to go, it was him who walked in front, and he even explained to us why we had to go that way.

Now that I think about it, its so kind.”

The blogger did not have many fans at first, but because of this, many netizens came.

“Have you seen Survivor Young Master Ling was also very kind in it.

Although he did not talk much, he answered all the questions and was even patient.

Completely different from his personality.”

“Yes, our Young Master Ling is cold inside but warm inside.

Very cute!”

When Shi Xiaoya saw this comment, she could not hold back her laughter.

Han Zhuoling looked over curiously.

“What are you laughing at”

Shi Xiaoya held the phone in front of his eyes.

“There are netizens who say youre actually very cute.”

Han Zhuoling was speechless.


How could the word “cute” be used to describe him

He was clearly cool, handsome, and classy.

Shi Xiaoya smiled and withdrew her hand.

“I think its a reasonable comment.

I think youre very cute too.”

Han Zhuoling was speechless.


He chuckled lightly.


It was clearly a hot summer, but Shi Xiaoya could still feel a chill down her spine.

“Tonight, I will let you know what the consequence is for describing your man as cute,” said Han Zhuoling.

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.


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Shi Xiaoya suddenly remembered something.

“Umm… isnt there supposed to be news of Lian Qingyin at midnight”

Han Zhuoling was speechless.


Thinking that she could make Han Zhuoling speechless just by talking, she immediately started laughing.

The four boys also posted their pictures online.

However, along with the two boyfriends, they did not say much.

It was mostly about the interactions between the two girls.

Seeing that a girl talked about Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya in the haunted house, another one replied to her, “Yes, yes.

When Xiaoya was feeling scared, Young Master Ling carried her the whole time and even covered her face in his embrace, worried that she would see the ghosts when she opened her eyes..

He really spoiled her.

Why doesnt my boyfriend have this kind of determination”

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