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Chapter 2766: Broken Down Completely

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Now, she relied on him even more.

“When you were on a business trip last time, I slept on your side.

The pillow has your smell,” said Shi Xiaoya.

Han Zhuoling pulled her into his arms.

“I really want to bring you along when I go on business trips.”

“If I am not working, do you want to bring me along” Shi Xiaoya raised her head and looked at him in the dark.

The two of them had gotten used to the darkness and could see each other clearly.

“Youre willing to go with me” Han Zhuoling was eager to bring Shi Xiaoya along.

Because this little girl was also busy with work, they never get the chance.

“Ill follow you.” Shi Xiaoya rubbed herself against his chest.

“As long as you wont think I am annoying.”

Han Zhuoling smiled.

“How can I think that youre annoying I am really bringing you along, then.”

Shi Xiaoya said sleepily, “Mhmm.” Then she asked, “Was it Tong Chunian just now”

“Mhmm.” Han Zhuoling explained it to her again.

Shi Xiaoya yawned.

“Then lets continue sleeping.”


Lian Qingyin left the police station at five in the morning.

But this time, Tong Chunian did not call Han Zhuoling this early.

His boss had just gotten married, after all.

It was not a big deal anyway; it all went as planned.

So Tong Chunian only sent a message to Han Zhuoling.

He talked about Lian Qingyin.

Around five something, the sky had just lit up with a frosty coolness from last night.

She had been confined in the trial room for two days without a chance to sleep.

Lian Qingyin could only remember the dazzling light in the trial room that shone in her face.

The light had shone straight at her, so even if she was tired, she could not sleep.

Her eyes were dry, but she could not close her eyes.

The police sitting opposite her had kept asking the same questions over and over again.

They wanted to make her break down and give up once she was tired and her willpower was the weakest.

But even when she closed her eyes, she could still feel the strong light through her eyelids.

In the end, even with the dazzling light keeping her awake, she was so tired that she could fall asleep with the light.

However, the police still did not let her sleep.

On the first day, she still had food to eat.

It was food from the canteen.

It was awful, a taste that she had never had before.

But at least it could fill her stomach.

However, she did not know what was waiting for her.

So on the first day, when the police gave her food, she was picky and was not willing to eat.

She stopped eating after a few bites.

In the end, even the food that she hated was gone.

But they still prepared water for her.

She was starving and wanted to eat, but nobody gave her any food.

When she mentioned eating, the police said, “Didnt you hate the food that we prepared”

“I am hungry,” said Lian Qingyin.

She was starving, so she did not care whether she liked it or not.

But the police said, “Theres no food left.

If youre hungry, then drink some water.”

Lian Qingyin did not think much about it.

She was starving, so she could only use water to fill her stomach.

But she drank too much and wanted to go to the toilet.

Who would have expected that the police would not allow her to go

She could only hold it in.

She could not sleep nor go to the toilet.

She was broken down completely.

Her request to use the toilet was naturally rejected.

She felt uncomfortable from holding in, to the point where she wanted to hit her head against the table..

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