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“Lu Man, when you go up, you still have to film action scenes, it will be very tiring,” He Mengmeng said.

Lu Man sighed.

“But we cant just leave this old lady here.”

Lu Man rolled up her shirt sleeves and then walked in front of the old lady.

“I will carry you up.”

After saying that Lu Man turned around, her back facing Old Madam Han.

Shen Nuo helped Old Madam Han up on Lu Mans back.

Dont look at how old the lady was and had a small stature, and not looking fat at all, she was really quite heavy.

As Lu Man piggybacked the old lady up the mountain, she staggered a few times, stumbling forward but managed to steady herself.

Nervous, Shen Nuo quickly went forward to help steady her and the old lady, even the old lady was so scared that she broke out into a cold sweat, “Are you okay ah! Youre so young, but why do you have so little strength You need to work out and train your body properly!”

Seeing Lu Mans frail arms and legs which did not have much energy, the old lady felt that she had to nourish and train Lu Mans body properly, otherwise, how would Lu Man have her grandchildren

Just as the old lady finished thinking that, she hurriedly went “Pei! Pei!” in her heart.

She had yet to accept Lu Man, why was she already thinking about Lu Man giving birth to her grandsons!

She had to stop herself!

But just like He Mengmeng had said, even without any burdens, climbing the mountain was already quite tiring, much less to say climbing while carrying such a heavy old lady.

Although Lu Man did train daily and had a martial arts background, there was a certain limit to her stamina.

After climbing for a while, beads of sweat formed on Lu Mans forehead sweat, and even her hair stuck onto her forehead.

By now, her back had also started to sweat, and the Old Madam Han who was being piggyback ride by Lu Man instantly felt it.

Old Madam Han had come here to test Lu Man and not to abuse her.

Thus, when she saw that Lu Mans face was a bit pale, she felt bad.

“Little girl, how about you put me down”

All this while, Lu Man had been gritting her teeth and climbing upwards, and right now she really did not have much energy to speak.

After taking a deep breath, Lu Man barely managed to open her mouth, “Didnt you sprain your foot”

Old Madam Han suddenly realized that she had forgotten this excuse.

“I can let my daughter-in-law carry me.”

Shen Nuo: “…”

This old lady was really out to make life difficult for her daughter-in-law.

“Its alright, I think your daughter-in-law has even less energy,” Lu Man said.

Shen Nuo felt really apologetic to Lu Man, in her heart, she was insulting the old lady for coming up with this horrible idea, so she helped Lu Man support the old lady in order to reduce the burden on Lu Mans body.

When He Mengmeng saw that, she also hurried up to help, before this, she did not think that she could do this.

Instantly, Lu Man became more relaxed.

After climbing for a while, Lu Man finally had the energy to speak, so she asked the old lady, “Whats your surname”

Old Madam Han replied nonchalantly.

“My surname is Zhou.”

Anyway, Lu Man did not know her and as long as she would not mention this to Han Zhouli, it would be alright.

Lu Man went “oh,” then smiled lightly, “What a coincidence, my boyfriends grandmother also has the surname Zhou.”

At that moment, Shen Nuo suddenly staggered and her grip loosened, making Old Madam Hans entire weight to fall onto Lu Man and He Mengmeng.

Thus, Shen Nuo hurriedly went forward to support them.

Old Madam Han scolded in her heart, this horrible boy, why did he tell her everything!

“Its really quite coincidental,” the old lady said guiltily, thankfully, Lu Man could not see her expression right now, otherwise, everything would be exposed.

“It is quite coincidental,” Lu Man casually said, the corner of her lips curved upwards slightly for some reason.

When Old Madam Han saw Lu Mans expressions, she thought, this girl is too sly!

Lu Man was smiling like a fox.

Could it be that she knew her identity

“Actually, looking at you, you seem to be around the same age as my boyfriends grandma.” Lu Man asked, “How old are you”


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