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Chapter 2780: Buddhist Health Regimen

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He was afraid that Lu Man would not wake him up.

“Dont go downstairs yourself.

Its dark at night, so it wont be good if you fall and hurt yourself,” Han Zhuoli urged Lu Man.

He was worried that she would go and take the delivery herself.

Other than that, what if it was someone bad who assumed that she was at home alone

Lu Man nodded.

“I will definitely wake you up.”

Han Zhuoli was finally relieved.

Lu Man was worried that he would not sleep well, so she turned off the lights.

Even after he closed his eyes, Han Zhuoli had to hold Lu Mans hand.

To prove that she was not sleeping, Lu Man was sitting up.

Han Zhuoli hugged Lu Mans waist and lay on her lap.

Lu Man saw him like this and did not know whether he was comfortable.

Lu Man slowly and lightly stroked Han Zhuolis hair.

Her fingers went in between his hair lightly, and she watched as the strands of his hair were covered by her fingers.

Her snow-white skin appeared and disappeared between the black strands of his hair from time to time.

Lu Mans fingertips were thin and soft, and Han Zhuoli was very comfortable being pacified by her.

It felt like a cooling breeze brushing his face.

After a while, he fell asleep.

Lu Man shook her head, thinking that this man was really stupid.

But he was stupid for her.

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She could go out and ask around; who would think that Han Zhuoli was stupid

They would not even imagine that Han Zhuoli had this side.

Lu Man sighed quietly.

She regretted telling Han Zhuoli about her being reborn.

If she had not said anything and treated it like she was just having a coma…

At least Han Zhuoli would not be so worried now.

After around fifty minutes, Han Zhuolis phone rang.

Han Zhuoli woke up immediately.

He urged Lu Man not to get up and went downstairs to get the delivery.

After a while, Lu Man heard the sound of Han Zhuoli coming upstairs with the smell of barbeque.

Lu Mans stomach was growling.

Lu Man got off the bed and the two sat down at the round table beside the bed.

“Its too bad that I cant drink, or else it would have been so nice to have a beer with barbeque,” said Lu Man, smacking her lips.

“You cant touch alcohol at all,” said Han Zhuoli.

“Do you want to drink milk”

Barbeque with milk.

Was this a Buddhist Health Regimen

Lu Man thought for a while.

“Should I try”

Han Zhuoli was just simply saying it.

Unexpectedly, Lu Man would have such a unique taste and really decided to match it like this.

He went downstairs to the kitchen, took out the milk from the fridge, poured it in a cup, and heated it up in the microwave.

When he opened the fridge, he saw that there were cans of beer inside too.

Han Zhuoli also wanted to drink.

But he was afraid that Lu Man would want it too, so he stopped himself.

He pondered for a while.

Lu Man had a unique taste; couples should be the same, right

So he also heated a cup of milk for himself.

The couple ate the barbeque with the milk.

After eating, they waited for it to digest and went back to sleep.

In the past, Lu Man did not know about Han Zhuolis concerns, so she slept like a log.

But now that she knew, she could not ignore it.

She was afraid that Han Zhuoli would be worried, so she did not dare to wake up from time to time to ensure Han Zhuoli have peace of mind.

If she did that, Han Zhuoli would not be at ease.

Instead, he would feel guilty.

So after sleeping for a while, Lu Man would turn around and move.

Sometimes, she would place her arm on Han Zhuoli.

After a while, she also rubbed against his body while in his arms.

Anyway, she could let Han Zhuoli know that she was still here and was not going to sleep without waking up.

This way, even when Han Zhuoli was sleeping, he could feel that Lu Man was moving.

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