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Chapter 2781: Such a Smart Person

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He would not need to wake up after sleeping for a while.

When they woke up in the morning, Lu Man was happy to find out that Han Zhuolis energy was much better.

Even though his eyes were still a little red, they were not terrifying like how they were at midnight.

Lu Man then heaved a sigh of relief.

She managed to make Han Zhuoli have peace of mind, but she did not rest well.

There were dark circles around her eyes.

Han Zhuoli saw that, so Lu Man explained, “Perhaps its because we woke up at midnight to eat barbeque and spent some time doing that, so I did not sleep as much as usual.”

This explanation was reasonable and Han Zhuoli believed it.

But she really did not rest well.

So at the family home today, after talking for a while, she suddenly fell asleep.

Now, Han Zhuoli was in the bedroom of the family home with Lu Man.

Even if Lu Man was sleepy, she remembered Han Zhuolis concerns.

So after sleeping for a while, her consciousness recovered sleepily and she moved in Han Zhuolis arms.

Han Zhuoli was still not awake.

But after feeling Lu Mans movement, he felt relieved, so he kept his eyes closed and continued sleeping.

After he had taken a nap, Han Zhuolis energy level improved, but Lu Man looked like she still had not rested well even after sleeping.

After they went back to the living room, even Old Mrs.

Han was surprised about it and asked, “Man Man, didnt you just sleep Why do you look more tired after sleeping”

Old Mrs.

Han was a bystander and could see it clearer than Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli also felt that her complexion did not get any better after taking a nap.

Old Mrs.

Han also said so.

Even Shi Xiaoya looked at Lu Man as well, full of concern.

Lu Man smiled and said, “I think I feel more energetic.

Perhaps its because I woke up at midnight to eat that I dont look energetic today.”

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Old Mrs.

Han and the others did not doubt her.

But Han Zhuoli did not really buy it.

He did not say anything at the family home.

After eating lunch here with Han Zhuoling and the others, they sat for a while more.

Old Mrs.

Han was worried that Lu Man would be too tired and have no energy, so she rushed them home to rest, and only they left.

But after getting in the car, Han Zhuoli did not drive immediately.

He did not even fasten his seatbelt.

He turned to look at Lu Man.

“You didnt rest well.”

It was not a question but a statement.

Lu Mans jaw dropped.

She was caught by him.

Han Zhuoli was such a smart person.

He was a little stupid only when it came to things related to Lu Man.

This thing was related to Lu Mans energy, so of course Han Zhuoli had to pay full attention.

He just had to think about it for a bit and he arrived at the correct answer.

He was always awake previously, so obviously, he knew what Lu Man was like when she was sleeping.

When Lu Man was asleep, she was well-behaved, the type that would not be woken up easily by thunder.

But from last night onwards, Lu Man had started turning in her sleep.

And she would move after pausing for a while.

It was the same when she was sleeping in the family home today.

But Han Zhuoli had been hugging her to sleep for so long, he knew that Lu Man was very steady in her sleep; she would not move an inch.

She could even sleep in his arms for the whole night without turning once.

However, from last night until today, Lu Man would move after sleeping for a while.

Han Zhuoli just had to think a bit to know that Lu Mans change started after she had the barbeque last night.

What happened before she ate the barbeque

Before eating the barbeque, Lu Man had found out that he was staying up to watch over her, scared that she would not wake up from her sleep..

Thats why he would rather not rest well and keep on watching her instead.

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